Run 1826, 4 October, Sui Wo Road

Full Moon Fever


The moon has a radius of 1737km which means that if it was covered in moon cakes there would be 7,579,128,528,000,000 moon cakes on the moon.

Hare Golden Jelly, Sui Wo up above Sha Tin … nice view but there’s too many clouds … difficult to count those moon cakes. What’s that 11 doing in the briefing markings? Oh, it’s a check back.

Up the Hill, By the Light of a Magical Moon, back down the Hill. That was it. Quite a few steps really. Certainly more steps than checks.

About 5.6km for the rambo run. At 5-metre spacing that would have required 1,120 moon cakes to set the whole run in moon cakes.

Difficult to write on on or check back with moon cakes … but then there wasn’t many .. on ons that is … and hardly any checks … except for that check back at the start that pissed us about for like 10 minutes … the time it takes to eat a quarter of a moon cake.

If you believe they put a man on the moon, it would have taken him ages to eat all those moon cakes, even with the reduced gravity. It took me ages to do the run. It took me ages to eat an eighth of one moon cake.

The Astronauts on the Moon Mission were in no particular odour or order Golden Balls, Dingaling, Eunuch, Crème de Flo … the French for moon cake is gateau de lune, in case you were wondering … some young girls, who hung lanterns round the pagoda. One caught fire.

Ground Control was left in the slippery hands of Walky Talky and Fartypants and 2 bottles of wine, whilst the heartbeat of the expedition was monitored by One Eyed Jack.

The police … giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon … kept the massed crowds back while the GM2 dispensed further moon cakes … oh yes, never put a frozen cucumber in the microwave for more than 5 minutes (come again? – Ed) … and there was eventually a nice lamb lantern which in fact turned out to be a rabbit, while among the crowds of moon gazers who invaded our space, or space invaders who invaded our moon, was a lady with a lobster on her head … all a bit confusing.

We await the photographic record of the full moons and the decision … is it moon cake or a cheese cake?  – Stingray


Hares: Golden Jelly, Back To The Future

Runners: Creme Brulee, Eunuch, Stingray, Hard Up, Velcro Lips, Dingaling, One Eyed Jack, Golden Balls

Non-runners: Walky Talky, Fartypants

Special thanks to Tom Petty (1950-2017)

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