Run 1848, 21 February, Kam Ho Rd

Cavalry to Calvary

Big Moany

What are we going to do without Big Moany? Since he was unceremoniously dumped by his employer of 20 years (HUD…booo…hisss) he’s taken on the role of Mr 7th Cavalry, not only for us but also for Shek Kong Hash. He seems to be setting a run every two or three weeks. That’s him above, just to prove what a trooper he is. And what with Back To The Future pulling out as hare after going down with flu, there he was again with a rousing blare of bugles, to the rescue, setting a run at a couple of days’ notice.

Except this time he went from Cavalry to Calvary when rain stopped play, or at least played havoc with his trail. (“I wasn’t expecting it to rain!”) Among the many accusations and incriminations thrown as the pack returned, each having done a different trail and distance (shortest Golden Jelly, 3km, longest Serbian Bomber, 7.5km) it emerged that not a single hasher had seen the first arrow. Big Moany was outraged and almost choked on his cigarillo. Subsequent examination of the trail proved that the crucial first mark was indeed there and quite visible. We must all have been following Liberace. When will we ever learn?

Sections of trail were discovered by various runners and followed until trail disappeared again. Advertised as a “boring village run”, the trail did indeed have a fair amount of rural roads and tracks, and also incorporated The Pipe, which about half the pack did.

At the finish, Golden Jelly was in her car with the hare trying to help him do something with his cigar. “Next time, withdraw quickly,” she was heard to say. This intriguing utterance was followed half a minute later by Big Moany’s “Well, do you want it in or out?” He emerged puffing contentedly.

The circle was held at the big turning area at the end of Kam Ho Road, frequently interrupted by a cars and vans whose humans – couples – drove up, took one look at us, and drove off again. Wonder what they wanted? And did they have any cigars?

Hare: Big Moany

Runners: Liberace, Gaelle Says No, Golden Jelly, QT, One Eyed Jack, Serbian Bomber, Creme Brulee

Non-runner: Golden Balls