Run 1855, 4 April 2018, Tai Yeung Che

Blame Fruit


Absolutely it was Mango’s fault. Mango Groove wrongly had great admiration for the GM’s crap write-up last week, don’t know why it turns out to be ME in charge for this week’s write-up. Really I can’t carelessly send any messages to NT WhatsApp group any more. I should learn from Eunuch, stay away from this WhatsApp group.

After I had my hip operation on Feb 1st, this was my second NT run in two months. My hips has not completely get recovered, so I was taking a rest after Dingaling’s 120-minute (for me) run at Bride’s Pool. And from tomorrow, my mom and sis will visit Hong Kong for the rugby sevens and I will fly away to Japan on the following Monday for my left leg operation, and I will be on crutches for six months. Which means, if I miss tonight’s run, I won’t run for half a year. Or depending on the surgery, in the worst case I can’t run for the rest of my life. Therefore, no matter what, I couldn’t miss tonight’s Luk Sup Gow run.

Of course, I am counting 100 percent on my doctor and don’t think the surgery will go wrong. But any slight chance if I wake up with no legs with me, there will be no LAST HASH for me at all. Therefore I brought a virgin runner, Art, even though he said “I am tired”. I just told him “Get in the car”.

The run started from LSG’s rooftop in Tai Yeung Che. The next day was Ching Ming Festival so nobody had to work, and it looked like the LSG family was preparing a nice meal for us. One after another, hashers arrived and parked their cars on the shoulder of the road. Back To The Future arrived before anyone else. She was picking where is the best place to park her Mercedes. When we started our run after a short briefing from the hare, Back To The Future was still driving her car right and left with tears in her eyes. We tried to help her out but as soon as somebody (perhaps Dingaling) shouted “trail” far to the north-east, the merciless hashers turned their heads and disappeared into the darkness of Tai Yeung Che.

Something passed rapidly in front of me. Is it a bird, is it a plane? It’s One Eyed Jack. OEJ was sprinting to the next check. He can run like a fly these days. What’s happened to him? He’s not only lost his 10-pound beer belly, he’s also lost his sense of direction and forgotten how to short cut.

After passing by village and farm houses, the pack came to the next check and followed the FRBs down to the creek. The FRBs found T at the side of the stream, and everybody said “What is T? What is T?” GB said “T means back to the check”, but foolish hashers confused this with a check-back and were still searching for trails near the creek. Meanwhile sneaky Dingaling and Walky Talky went back to the check immediately and stayed on the main path and found the on-on, shouted “trail!” but it was too far, nobody could hear their voices except me.

When Dingaling, Walky Talky and myself arrived at Ping Long playground, the rest of hashers seemed like they were still lost, until we hiked up from Tai Om village in the direction of Ng Tung, through the forest where Eunuch and GB were caught in pig traps years ago. Finally I heard a noise from my behind. It was Liberace and late comer Eunuch talking about my buttocks all the way to the top of mountain. From there, beautiful shiggy trails were set all the way to Lam Kam Road. “Good job LSG,” I blessed to him. After I enjoyed the zigzag shiggy trails for 10 to 15 minutes, it felt like falling into a black hole. It changed to well maintained runnable downhill trails. I could fly down easily if I don’t have my two crutches. Five or six silly checks were laid on the trail, I am sure nobody was disturbed and they all ran down straight. Perhaps Libs stopped at each check to think where to go…

Finally I got back down to Tai Om and I saw an unmarked check in front of me. Big Moanie passed me without hesitation and I said “Are you on?” And of course he said “No, but I know where his house is”.

Thanks LSG, it was a great run and I enjoyed it so much. Dinner was fantastic too. See you guys in six months – be ready for me to pass you!  – Catch Of The Day


Hares: Luk Sup Gow, Beer Tits, Phil

Runners: Dingaling, Walky Talky, Catch Of The Day, Liberace, Eunuch, Golden Balls, One Eyed Jack, Back To The Future, Golden Jelly, BJ, Big Moany, Antiseptic, Creme Brulee, QT, Art

Non-runners: Electrolux, Hard Up, One Hung Lo, Overdue, 69K, Sam Miguel, Fartytpants, 

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