Run 1861, 9 May 2018, Ma On Shan

Our first Chinese-language report, presented in Google Translate, then in the original copy.

Running Report

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Early morning Masters announced in the group that the Religious Guide had arranged such awkward weather and proposed that the rabbit should take everyone to the bar. Religious Instructors and rabbits, who are still going to mess with No.8 typhoon, will never bow to this weather. Finally, God will stop raining.

The starting position is a park leisure park at the foot of Ma On Shan. The rabbit Buckles The Lips away from the dwellings and has a sheltered shelter corner. Last week, the eunuchs failed to deliver the beer because he couldn’t find the mysterious mountain. This time he sent more than enough beer on the wheelbarrow, and Liberace sent the ice with his small cargo bay. When the time arrived, the First Radio Station in Shatin District had no need to wait for her. The Original Radio Station started from home and ran more than 4,000 meters to get to the starting point in order to be able to enjoy beer.

The rabbit explained to them the distance. After the rabbits talked about the key points, They Said No, the Eunuch, French Stew, Liberace and Mango Lin began to find marks to lead everyone to walk.

At this time, the Golden Ball rushed into the public toilet hurrying and hurrying through the road, finally walking through the dangerous sarcophagus, only vaguely see the Single-Eye Product, push down the south and small twists to accompany the Old Man in front, Back To The Future and Jin Jelly also follow them into the woods on the slopes, the way of Bay Bay, climb up and down, after the collapsed In the village house, there are many green mangoes falling out on the ground. In the darkness, we enter the wet slippery path we like. In the dark, the flashlight only shines on the grass-covered road, and concentrates on how to set foot on each step. Nothing to care about, only knowing that the mark of flour that had been laid down the previous day was still miraculously clinging to our route.

After several years of hard work Returning To The Future and Golden Jelly surpassed the Old Man and his two beauties, they came to the Rambo and the Coward routes. Divide the points, it turned out that they had cleverly walked in front, and the Golden Ball and Radio Stations were still not catching up. The south and small twists and turns said that they had walked past the last time. There was no freshness and they did not go. It was actually to ensure that the Old Man goes home safely!

The Lanbo route went deeper into the woods on the hills and walked upwards for a while. The path became a rugged, rocky path. When you went down, you took a wrong step and you would roll down the hill. You suddenly heard the sound of speeding cars under the mountain. We were far from civilization. The world is not far away.

In front of Roman Avenue, Gold Jelly breathed a sigh of relief. When he Returned To The Future, he was not happy at all. He became anxious and nervous. He read in his mouth: There was something weird, it was embarrassing and I was very sorry. There were several worship wreaths and a number of mountain tombs on the original roadside. At this time, God promised that the time limit for the passage of time had passed.

In addition, to punish the people who ran slower, the dense rain began to spill. The Golden Ball and the Radio Station Originally selected their own routes and returned to the finish line. As a result, only two were wet. The runners of the body also gave boys eyes to eat ice cream! – Golden Jelly

Hare: Velcro Lips

Runners: Gaelle Says No, One Eyed Jack, Creme Brulee, Liberace, Eunuch, Mango Groove,  Geriatric, South Side Pushover, Twisty, Golden Jelly, Back To The Future, Radio 1, Golden Balls

Original Chinese:










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