Run 1863, 23 May, Pak Ngau Shek



Trail went out the back of the village heading west then crossed Lam Kam Road before heading east to Ng Tung Chai. After Ng Tung Chai trail led through the villages and streams, losing trail. At one point the entire pack found themselves on a path, lost, when a charming villager appeared demanding to know what we were doing, swearing at us and threatening to call the police, only shutting up when Golden Jelly told him to call the Lands Department as well. Eventually trail was discovered leading back down to Lam Kam Road, recrossing it, then a long mazy route through the villages past Tai Yeung Che then home. Recovering cripple Penile Dementia sniffed out trail most of the way as front runner, but at Tai Yeung Che he and Liberace decided to try and push a shiggy route along the hillside and ended up finishing last.

Hare: Walky Talky

Runners: Golden Jelly, Penile Dementia, Liberace, Mango Groove, Radio 1, Creme Brulee, One Eyed Jack, Eunuch, Beer Tits (list may be incomplete – please advise)

Non-runners: Luk Sup Gow, Fartypants

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