Run 1864, 30 May, Tai Po Market

Night of the Cryptic CBs

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One more steamy hot sweaty evening run in the tropics!

One of the longest hot weather spells in Hong Kong’s history, 12 days approx so far.

I am sure that is why CB delayed the start (Kong Fuk Bridge Garden) until 8pm for the reason that GJ was bringing ice for the beer and had got lost in Tai Po before the start. She stated that she kept gravitating towards the KB.

The trail was called by the hare TD who had just arrived and prevented the pack from short cutting to the first on-on with G’s and DR’s insiders information. The trail basically went upstream to Kam Shek New Village and then up to Lin Au past the noisy dog rescue kennels. E and GSN had decided to jog the uphill section.

Reached a split:

Left: met with a CB on the Wilson Trail.

Right: met with a T.

CB back over to some graves: nothing.

Back further down the road, E and SS (Shit Sniffer or Anal Corpse Shagger or Rub N Tug or See Faat Kwai (Arsehole) or Eddie Darling or Mango) for those unfamiliar with this name) found trail by the Water Supplies Dept fence. So on down we went to eventually find another CB with an arrow crossed out right next to it. E then disappeared and did his own thing, followed by OEJ, Cutie and SS, then by R1 and GJ. They followed some walkers tapes down a lovely bamboo trail until hitting the contour path above the highway. OEJ went left (shorter route) and SS with Cutie went right.

CB and VL followed the crossed out trail for some distance before giving up and heading back up to the road.

Whilst all this was going on, GSN decided to do his own run and ran though the CB and found trail???  And then followed it on down and home.

He was followed by SB and BTTF.

DR and G turned back on the road and returned to the bucket.

Red lantern awards went to CB and VL.

Shit Sniffer was renamed and anointed with some holy water from the ice bucket ( nice and coooool) hahahahaha LOL. What his new name is, I have forgotten, he has so many! Most of the pack were awarded down-downs’s with TD getting a bucket full on behalf of her co-hare M. She must use her teaching skills to exert more control over his errant ways.  – One Eyed Jack

Hares: Tangerine Dream, Moonie

Runners: Creme Brulee, Golden Jelly, Geriatric, Dram, Eunuch, Gaelle Says No, Mango Groove, One Eyed Jack, QT,  Radio 1, Velcro Lips, Serbian Bomber, Back To The Future

Non-runners: Beer Tits, Luk Sup Gow, T Bird

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