Run 1865, 2 June, Sai Kung: The Saturday Run No. 19

Watery End


The cooling sea was the main feature of this run at the tail-end of the hot spell – everybody jumped in off Geriatric’s private waterfront promenade after a shady jaunt up into the Sai Kung hills. Here are a few impressions.

Golden Balls: I started off walking behind Gunpowder Plod and Dram, who went straight along the road towards Pak Tam Chung when we came to a check. I followed them, but behind me Hoover, Golden Jelly, Back To The Future and T-Bird claimed that the check was marked up into the shiggy. Bewildered, I called “Are you?” after the two gents, who simply marched on, shoulders hunched resolutely. I thought I caught a faint echo of what sounded like “we’re going to snort butt”… I threw my lot in with the ladies. But they had disappeared into the shiggy. After some wooded trail I reached the next check alone, with no obvious direction marked, so I opted for the uphill. T! Back down, eventually catching up with and passing the ladies, then the butt snorters. Nice trail apart from the one mile return along the road.

Mango Groove: The rambos took us upwards, a few steps, a little bit flat and then up again. Now on any “normal” day this would have been a simple easy bit of trail, but in 30-degrees-plus heat with the afternoon sun cooking our brains things were already getting tough. Liberace and Eunuch kept calling keeping Stunt Double, BJ, Mango and One Eyed Jack informed of where trail was going. Halfway along the rambos the trail took us down before going straight and onto a check back with real trail leading left. The trail kept going up until finally the long descent down back onto Pak Tam Chung road and on home.

Stunt Double: The run was mostly on nice trails from Pak Tam Chung under shade until we came to the top of a ridge exposing us to the sun, must have been 40 degrees, and then down a trail with fantastic vista of Sai Kung’s sea and islands in the distance. Here’s the run from my watch:

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-03 at 22.44.38

Notable thing was Liberace running back from a check like a scared cat saying it couldn’t be this way because there were a thousand spider webs, but after checking other ways, trail was where he had come. I was running mostly on my own so not sure anything else that happened or it was the case of the beers after the run 😬

Back To The Future: I was so excited when I was driving to the run because I had never been to Tai Mong Tsai for hiking. Each time I take my car, I drive as carefully as I can, but this time I did kill two birds with one stone of a big big mistake. In the future, absolutely, I will not allow the same situation to replay.

When I arrived at Sai Kung I saw one man standing at the bus stop, then I got out of my car to ask him the direction to Tai Mong Tsai. At the same time, I forgot to turn off my car and hit someone’s car. The driver said: “That is your fault. If you compensate me for my car I will not call the police.” I did not have much choice, because I even forgot to bring my driving licence.


Sausage fest followed. Thanks to Geriatric and his SP SSP for a great afternoon!

Hares: Geriatric, South Side Pushover

Runners: Dram, Stunt Double, Golden Jelly, Hoover, Radio 1, See No Weevil, Eunuch, T Bird, One Eyed Jack, Liberace, Creme Brulee, Gunpowder Plod, Back To The Future, Mango Groove, Dingaling, Golden Balls, Luk Sup Gow, Beer Tits, Phil, BJ

Non-runners: Electrolux, Catch Of The Day, Overdue, June The Suckond (?)

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