Run 1868, 20 June, Tai Po Kau Forest

A Rump Through Paths Well Worn


Perhaps it was the mist in the air or the water on the ground but as I wandered over to the pagoda lying at the foot of the Tai Po Kau nature reserve it finally dawned on me that it was a bit wet and indeed had been raining. Information that will later be relevant but also the reason I had chosen not to come on the previous two runs.
Eunuch and (name forgotten), having arrived early, decided that the best use of their time was a reccie of the trail, ran off to where no prying eyes could reach them. The pack slowly gathered, readying themselves for a battle with the flying bastards (mosquitoes) and flora of the trail. The early arrivals returned from their rendezvous up the trail.
Arrival of the GM and with his call of what time is it? (7:25) beckoned the back over to the hare for a thorough briefing: The original trail set had been washed out and just as fast the hare set trail anew. Watch out for these arrows that have been crossed out, they were set by a group of hikers, and follow the flour that looks like its been shat out by a diarrhoetic boar.
And with that, off we went up the hill into the deep and dark forests of Tai Po, with the first check within spitting distance of the start. Half the pack decided to continue up the road, the other half trying their luck up the stairs along Tai Po Kau nature trail only to find the road was the right path. At this point I can only assume another group decided they had been defeated by the stairs and turned back to the start, as I sure as hell didn’t see them after that point.
Following the road we eventually found ourselves along the Blue walk, another check solved put the rambos along the Blue walk again, with the wimps at the other side of said Tai Po Kau Nature trail. It was at this point it quickly became apparent that only the brave or stupid (or hashers) would attempt to run along the stone paths that the hare had neglected to mention he poured several litres of dish soap onto. The FRBs being very much the latter took off and left the rest of the pack behind.
As myself and One Eyed Jack walked with gusto along the blue trail, we were caught up by Radio 1 and Back To The Future. Passing a stream it was noted by R1 and BTTF that if we turned off our torches we would be able to see the fireflies that the area is renowned for, indeed they were a wonder. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth One Eyed Jack quickly sped up until he was out of sight so he could shortcut in private and give himself an air of plausible deniability.
After following the river for another km, stopping at every stream crossing to ooo and aaa at the fireflies’ lights, we reached a warning advising us the path was not well kept and a danger to all but the most experienced of hikers. We ignored this in the following of the floured path that marked where we were wont to go. As we started this climb we came across Serbian Bomber, who promptly joined our trio. Upon reaching the top and finding a solved check we continued down to the left, eventually passing the half way mark. Realising that there probably wasn’t much uphill left, Radio 1 surged ahead. Upon noting this, Serbian Bomber likewise raced ahead.
‘Enjoying’ the long, long downhill section, we were caught up by our intrepid GM, who had crashed earlier in the run trying to murder his surrounding countrymen (two casualties with a single small green fatality). At this point I decided to throw caution to the wind and charge down the hill. This ended as you would have expected as I found myself flying through the air and landing on my back and knocking the air out of my lungs. With assistance from the GM, I limped the 200 metres back in to the start point and finishing the run in a gentlemanly hour and a half.
A fair turnout of 18 or so hashers completed the circle, which was notable for a renaming as RA Golden Balls accused Serbian Bomber of telling a porky about him doing a 3km shortcut on Run 1866. His full name was already impossible to remember, but now it’s even more so: Serbian Spammer Bomber Baron Diver Von Porky Mooseheime.
With thanks to the hare for a delightful run.  – Qutie
Hare: Dram
Runners: Eunuch, One Eyed Jack, Radio 1, Back To The Future, Golden Jelly, Creme Brulee, Qutie, Serbian Bomber
Non-runner: Golden Balls

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