Run 1870, 4 July, Shek Mun

How to Set a Run

  1. Leave your recce until the day of the run
  2. Make sure you choose an area where you totally failed to find a route last year
  3. Choose a very hot day
  4. Start at 4.30, giving yourself only 2.5 hours of decent light
  5. Forget your torch
  6. Forget your water
  7. Get hopelessly lost in dense shiggy with no water or torch as night falls
  8. Get a gps trace of your recce that looks like this:

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-07 at 17.16.35Eventually get to the start at 8pm, frazzled, exhausted, and WITH A TRAIL!

Take a bow, Radio 1 and co-hare Golden Jelly!

And what of the run itself? The rambo trail went from the start at On King Street waterfront park past Sha Tin Hospital and up A Kung Kok Road, then into the shiggy below Breakthrough Youth Village. A yomp through tracks made by hares down to Mui Tsz Lam Road and back along the waterfront. Wimps did a similar loop but cut out the shiggy. First back was Eunuch in about an hour, although GB had already returned from the wimp trail, on which he’d set off last, did not pass anybody, and finished first…very suspicious. Visitor Sophie (?) from Kobe was one of the lost wimps, a kindergarten classmate of Catch Of The Day, who made her first appearance since surgery, while Velcro Lips attended armed with the latest hash T-shirt referencing our new French heritage, a T-shirt subsequently seen on the backs of GM and RA Creme Brulee and Golden Balls for the France vs Uruguay World Cup game the following Saturday. The sight and sound of Liberace trying to pronounce “merdouillette” was quite something.

Hares: Radio 1, Golden Jelly

Runners: Eunuch, Liberace, Creme Brulee, Serbian Bomber, One Eyed Jack, Back To The Future, Geriatric, Gunpowder Plod, Golden Balls, Art, Sophie, more?

Non-runners: Velcro Lips, Catch Of The Day

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