Run 1872, 18 July, Tai Mo Shan

The Shame


The shame was not that France won the World Cup, nor that the French GM was demoniacal in his gloating, nor even that his celebratory two bottles of Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Reserve (creme de cassis, lemon curd and pastry riding a creamy mousse and framed by a crisp, well-knit acidity) were trumped by Back To The Future’s three bottles of Marquis de Rothberg Chardonnay Ice Demi-Sec (fruity with notes of vanilla, smoke and hints of sweet spices). No, the shame lay in the distasteful and grossly unedifying spectacle of hashers begging for down-downs like performing seals or craven cringing dogs. Anything, anything, to get another glass of bubbly. It made you do a little bit of sick in your mouth. Which you then had to wash out with champagne.

But what of Serbian Bomber’s run after the thunderstorms of the past few days? Let One Eyed Jack tell the tale…

Loneliness of an FRB (Alleged)

Well after reaching the pagoda near the car park, we (that is Gerriatric and OEJ) decided to have a look around for the hare. Eventually this apparition of a big drip of Sauvignon appeared closely followed by his SP, Back To The Future. During our preliminary chatter, the hare spun a lot of BS about his trail markings and how good they were. There was then a brief spell of wind and a rain shower at about 7:15. So at 7:20 the gathered pack decided that it was getting cold and that they should commence on the run, albeit by walking!

So off we went, down to the first check, left, on to the second, right, the third, straight, the fourth, left, and on to a wimp/rambo split. Gerriatric went up the steps on the wimp trail and OEJ set off down the pig trail. The shiggy was not too bad, but the freshly watered ground was like an ice skating rink on the side of a hill. The markings had suffered from the rain, not much sign of chalk (obviously), flour was a little better, but very small heaps as if they had been placed with a teaspoon. The toilet paper had the appearance of white streaky, elongated, dripping slime – if it was still hanging where placed – or was seen as a white puddle or blob on the ground. I think the hare had only used two-ply rather than the rather more luxurious and desirable three- or four-ply. Not easy to follow! After numerous more checks, a river crossing and then the descent we began to take head up towards Tai Mo Shan Road. Almost all of the trail thus far had been bushwacking – no path to speak of. It was at this point I heard Eunuch’s shouts of traaaail. So being such I kind hearted front runner, I started marking the trail with green noticeable leaves. Eunuch announced later that he didn’t see them, probably because he wasn’t wearing his colour blind vision-correction glasses. The GM confirmed that he had seen the marks. So at least I wasn’t telling porkies. Speaking of such, nearing the top of the trail a large wild boar was disturbed, which I tried to encourage to run down the trail towards the chasing pack. I believe it came close. Onto the road and up hill, right, then eventually left and back down the Maclehose, passing one cow sheltering from the rain and then KY doing her own thing. First rambo back, not too bad an achievement considering I had to solve every check.

The hare was complaining of a snake bite, didn’t know what type, Golden Balls commented that the snake died afterwards, even though there was no actual poison effect on the hare’s leg, just two small beads of blood that could have been caused by a branch.

The circle was extremely lively, with the GM doling out champagne (kindly donated by himself and Back to The Future) for down downs, at the rate of half a bottle per hasher. All on account of France’s World Cup win. These eventually proved to be too much for BTTF, who fell asleep in the pagoda and then insisted on sleeping for an hour in her car. When she woke up the police had set a road block on Route Twisk so she had to go back to the car park and wait until they’d packed up.  – One Eyed Jack

Excellent shiggy and a well marked trail given the conditions. Great circle.

Hares: Serbian Bomber, Back To The Future

Runners: Liberace, Eunuch, Geriatric, Creme Brulee, Radio 1, One Eyed Jack, Golden Balls, Golden Jelly

Non-runner: Dingaling

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