Run 1873, 25 July, Lam Tsuen

Pizza Express


The pack  of about 15 runners and hangers-on assembled at San Uk Tsai (aka Fong Ma Po? ) park  to be briefed by our esteemed hare, Dingaling, who assured us it was a shortish run – about 40 minutes or so – and  included a section of “virgin trail” cut through shiggy cleared by his own fair hand wielding a machete. The GM – being French – dithered about giving the off pending the arrival of Liberace with the ice, so our geriatric members (Plod and my goodself, D RAM), through long experience of Dingaling’s normal “commando” type runs, decided to jump the gun and set off in advance of the sheep. Shortly thereafter we came upon Liberace hopelessly lost (as usual) who we directed to the start with the ice before running on. Unfortunately we didn’t get far before being flummoxed by the 1st check (by the Super-Toilet). But not to worry, I thought, here comes the pack led by Rogan Josh who I  assumed  would have some insight  into the trail, he being the son of the hare. I thus followed him but after running around exhaustingly  I realised he hadn’t a clue. Fortunately, “on on” was called by  others, albeit taking us in almost the opposite direction. The pack ran across a wide paved area to cross  Lam Tsuen Road but to be  flummoxed yet again by another check, this time near the Hang Ha Po public toilet (Dingaling obviously likes checking public toilets but let’s not dwell on this aspect of his character). Eventually trail was found which took us into a dark and heavily vegetated bog to a further check where the pack milled around for an extended period like headless chickens. I’m ashamed to say (liar!) I chickened out at this point and headed home for a refreshing beer and the promised  pizza, leaving our keener members to run on.

I thus have no personal knowledge of what happened on the trail thereafter but from feedback gleaned from the pack once they arrived back home and a “Strava” map  from Cutie I understand that the trail out of the bog eventually headed up some well hidden steps through thick bush up to a very steep and muddy bank  where GB (or was it Serbian Bomber ? ) loitered about to kindly assist some of our lady members uphill  by placing their hands on rumps and pushing. Unfortunately GB, after pushing Golden Jelly up the by now slippery mudslide was reportedly unable to get up the bank himself and retreated home with visitor Christine in tow, whereas I understand Serbian, with his SAS training, having “assisted” Back To The Future, managed to get up. The trail then went for about 150 metres through the  shiggy (virgin?) trail  cut earlierby Dingaling  and then on to the paved road to the WSD Water Treatment Plant before taking a right turn beside a stream course and back down into Lam Tsuen valley and home.

Trail length 3.2km. Needless to say the first full runner back was our super athlete Gaelle Says No who was back in about 30 minutes, although the majority of the pack took were nearer Dingaling’s predicted 40 minutes.The consensus was a well set run with a good mixture of road, hill  and shiggy.

An entertaining circle was held under master-of-ceremonies Crème Brulee with interruptions from GB, Eunuch, Plod and others whilst the pack gorged themselves on a  splendid selection of very tasty pizzas and dough balls with gravy, all home made by Overdue. Antiseptic was announced as winner of the World Cup competition having correctly predicted France, much to the delight of Crème Brulee.


 Hare: Dingaling

Runners: Dram, Back To The Future, Liberace, Creme Brulee, Christine, Gunpowder Plod, Gaelle Says No, Serbian Bomber, Eunuch, Antiseptic, QT, Golden Balls, Golden Jelly, Rogan Josh

Non-runners: Overdue, T Bird

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