Run 1875, 8 August, Sheung Shui



In a world where Winnie the Pooh is considered a subversive element, one man is willing to stand up and set a hash in Sheung Shui.

Watch in disbelief as Liberace takes on the establishment, setting a trial around the tower blocks, roads and rail lines. Enjoy the comradery of the pack lost and confused at each check, comforting each other with cries of “are you” and ultimately, “on trail”. Revel in the beauty of the natural environment as the pack explores the overgrown riverside and road embankments. Swoon as Gaelle Says No rips off his top to expose his toned body. Be shocked as the ground gives way below the GM, leaving him perilously  suspended above a bottomless pit and abandoned by the pack.

Suspend your disbelief and wonder how Golden Balls finds himself at the front of the pack only to drop back again as he struggles up the road embankment. Witness the return of Mango Grove, following his enforced absence due to unfounded allegations about his poor calling and and sense of direction.

Share the joy of the Eunuch family, as they introduce their children to the dark area of Sheung Shui. Will the boys survive, or turn to plastic toys to stave off their craving for crisps and computer games?  Enjoy the slapstick antics of QT as he runs off in the wrong direction and comes in first, completing the 8km run in only 7.5km. A star in the making, and one who will not show up on Serbian Bomber’s new app, “Babes in Bathrooms” (available for download from the hash store); just point at a house and the app will show you a babe of your selection in the bathroom.

Its not every day that a trail is set; its not every week that a good trail emerges from the dark, and its not every year that Dram enjoys himself!

The papers described the trail as “unimaginable” (South China Moaning Post), “eye opening” (The Standard) and “nice tits” (Apple Daily). – Dingaling

Hare: Liberace



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