Run 1879, 5 September, Tai Po

History Lesson


The Tai Po old market was established near Man Mo Temple during the Ming Dynasty for trading of agricultural and fishing products. In 1893 a new market was established at the northeastern bank (Tai Wo) of Lam Tsuen River by a federation of seven groups of villagers from some 64 villages and brought an alliance between the Hakka and Punti people living in the area. To keep the merchants honest, sets of public weighing scales were introduced and kept, as they are now, in the temple.

A well marked trail from the MTR brought the pack to the designated start, with the hare, QT, bemoaning the grief he was suffering from Her Indoors and having to set the same trail for a third time this week. At this stage, the absence of the GM, RA and RA2 was noted, so Hash Beer (aka Eunuch) took control, and instructed the hare to brief the pack. Trail wandered purposelessly towards the river, with some illogical checkbacks, until a meaningless but slippery side trip through the Old Market Park brought Mango Groove to the floor again. In this park there is a very large (10-metre diameter) sundial which (according to Geriatric) often indicates the wrong time, probably set out by some crusty old surveyor.

Along the river bank, then checks by the Norwegian School took the front runners up towards the Wilson Trail and Kam Shan summit then through the riverside park across the river and winding back through some villages for a finish in 50 minutes or so.  – One Eyed Jack

Hare: QT

Runners: Mango Groove, Geriatric, One Eyed Jack, Eunuch, Golden Balls, Liberace, Back To The Future, Golden Jelly

Non-runner: Catch Of The Day

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