Run 1891, 21 November, Leafy Glade



Hangover or feet? Or both? I was informed that I paid for shots for everyone at the King’s Belly in the aftermath of the AGM. But I have no clue. Anyway it was a great day, read Plod’s report for more details. Still recovering on arriving at Leafy Glade. Because the feet are shattered. On setting up the AGM run, Golden Balls told me to set up the rambos while he would set the wimps. All the rambo runners got the idea of near 5km of catchwater as a finish.

On his side, tonight’s hare had opted for the 100km Trailwalker instead of 5km of catchwater and, not surprisingly, his feet were shattered. Waiting for the attendees, Gaelle Says No was relaxing, sitting on a table, with leg dandling in air and flip flop filled by feet noticeably wider by a good half inch than usual. Shattered and smashed.

GM Catch Of The Day parked her car like a moron, almost crashing into a bunch of hashers (including our favourite crashers Dram and Mango) for the sake of not missing the 7.30 mark. Nobody was injured and we all forgave her when she pulled out of her bra a bottle of saké to celebrate her first run as GM.

On his side, QT spent the AGM day trying out his stag party dressed in a fake Tarzan outfit. A photo of him circulated, showing a desperate face. We haven’t heard from him since, but we all hope he found his Jane and that we will hear his roar in the North New Territories soon.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-17 at 19.46.36
The run was a maze of houses, DIY roads, farming path and checks taking demented runners in all directions before connecting the dots with the next marking, often well over 200m away. Meanwhile the smart walkers were catching the desperate rambos going left, right and North by NorthWest.

All this confusion and “RU?” created havoc among the barking population. They were going berserk on our trail and around a dark corner one almost got my pee unleashed.
One day I’m going to eat a dog!

Some villagers were also coming out after us, asking what was all this about. Liberace tried to explain that we were just running for fun but the feral wouldn’t take it and was asking why we would do this so late. Then Liberace started to tell what was the N2TH3 and proposed him to join the fun. On seeing the gaze deepening, the eyebrows getting darker and thicker, the jaws growing forward; Liberace decided that he might be better stopping the PR and going back to what he does best: RUN!

Arriving to the last check, Eunuch appeared from nowhere. We hadn’t seen or heard of him for a good part of the run as he outsmarted a couple of checks better than anyone at the start and now he was behind, running like a eunuch.
Where have you been ?
I was checking on the queen!
How’s her pussy?

He didn’t say, already 20m ahead.

Finally everybody get back home: the Kwong Yik Store where sake and real bottles of Tsing Tao oiled the circle. GM did a great job keeping the fun and the spirit high, RA2 showed his mettle by not renaming Mango Shit Sniffer, Stingray got a parking ticket from the Village Committee. And I’m the first after the AGM to get handed the Dildopen so you can read this crap.  — Creme Brulee

Hare Gaelle Says No

Runners Mango Groove, Eunuch, One Eyed Jack, Liberace, Creme Brulee, Geriatric, Bunter, Wandering Wanker, Stingray, Dram, Golden Balls, Radio 1

Non-runners Catch Of The Day, T Bird

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