Run 1892, 28 November, Hok Tau

To the Pits


No sign of the hare, so no pre-run information. After waiting for 10 minutes the assembled pack decided to get on with it and set off checking. Another 10 minutes and no trail was found. We were then graced with Moonie’s presence, as he took in some mountain air after a hard day’s work. He did let slip to Geriatric that he had seen trail on the road to the barbecue pits.

So Geriatric and One Eyed Jack set off in the general direction and found trail. Marked in camouflaged coloured chalk, very hard to see and not even visible from a car with headlights. Up the road, across the roundabout, through the gate, left at the toilets and on to a rambo/wimp split.

A similar trail to Gaelle Says No’s run of a few months back. So the wimps, Golden Jelly and Geriatric, went up the steps towards the Wilson Trail  and the rambos went right along the river to the road and left up the steep road to the look out. Crème Brulee was beaten to the top by Liberace with SS Mango Groove and OEJ following. The trail then followed the Wilson Trail down to the dam with the wimps rejoining at the junction part way along. Then back along the road to the start. Some 75 minutes and nine kilometres. — One Eyed Jack

Hare Eunuch

Runners Golden Jelly, Geriatric, Mango Groove, One Eyed Jack, Creme Brulee, Liberace

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