Run 1902, 30 January, Lo Wu

Jab It in Yore Eye

Yore eye

Location: Across the river from Lo Wu at the Chinese border. We showed up greeted by a pleasant view of Shenzhen and a police post. Once all had arrived we were given a quick brief telling us of a gate which we must solve the opening of, and to not fall into a ditch. With a relatively flat trail, a good pace was kept. Gaelle Says No headed up the pack, not calling so as to make sure others would get plenty of good exercise. After heading through a village, Liu Pok, we went up some small hills with a few checks.

After a check at the top of a hill the path was found leading us down hill through shiggy. Creme Brulee on the way down jumped around Stingray to expedite his decent. Later down the hill Creme Brulee attempted to short cut and fell into a deep ditch. Once reaching the bottom a two way check was found. Which was of course not marked by our front runner causing a few to turn the wrong way.

After some flat distance the rambo and wimps split came along. The rambo was a virgin shiggy trail which led us to the border fence. Along which was the aforementioned ditch we were not to fall into. Miraculously no one had any issues with the ditch but the good luck was not to last. Steps, a lot of steps getting up the final hill. The run down was a death trap featuring left over barbed wire fence which lay on the trail and metal wire hung like a clothesline. On the way down Liberace ran into this wire, tearing his eyelid. It appears the hare had hoped to reduce the number of the pack, and he nearly succeeded. The trail came down to join the wimps of which only Golden Jelly took part in.

We returned the way we came leading us back to the meeting point. The circle was formed. Down downs were given in the form of boxed wine. After all only the best educated down wine from a box. Eventually we ran out of people to give down downs to and called it an evening.  – Green Head Penis

Hare Golden Balls

Runners Gaelle Says No, Green Head Penis, Golden Jelly, Liberace, Creme Brulee, One Eyed Jack, Stingray

Non-runners Luk Sup Gow, Dram, T-Bird