Run 1905, 20 February, Tai Po Kau

Night of the Navvy


Irish navvies building the railways and canals of Britain were known for doing backbreaking labour in their suits. Some would buy a new suit every pay day and immediately wear it to the site. What’s this got to do with the hash? One hasher took a leaf out of the navvy book and did Geriatric’s run at Tai Po Kau Forest in her business suit. No Rough Stuff, who works for a law firm – and thus has to be well turned out at the office – turned up too late to change, so ran in her suit and blouse, her one sop to proprietry being to change into running shoes. Yet despite the irreverence, the sheer insurrection of this madness, she’s still one rung down on the crazy ladder from Salesman, who years ago turned up for a run without his kit and ran in his suit and also in his shiny leather Oxfords. Legends. May we all aspire to subversive duds – in fact here’s an idea, an annual night run in a business suit! Discuss.

Having just been for a jab and been told I shouldn’t run, I slummed it with hare Geriatric while the hashers jollied their way around Tai Po Kau Forest. As such I have no idea what happened, beyond the fact that a bunch of them went the wrong way at one point, but all made it back for an entertaining circle at the newly built pagoda.  – Golden Balls


Hare Geriatric

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