Run 1911, 3 April, Fanling

Running for Office

NRS curtsey

This week’s hare was Golden Balls again. The run started at Fanling Recreation round. The hare, hash beer Eunuch, GM Catch of the day, Dingaling, One Eyed Jack, Geriatric and Penile Dementia had already arrived when Liberace carried the ice in. Then we had No Rough Stuff, Radio 1 and Golden Jelly turning up late.
The GM waited some time for No Rough Stuff to change into her hash gear, but she seemed to have no intention of getting changed. After 10 minutes she just asked why didn’t she start the run as she still had no rough stuff. She decided to do the hash in executive dressing.
After GB gave a bullshit briefing, we started chasing the trail to the footbridge across San Wan Road in the direction of Salesman’s house direction – except Eunuch he cannot run because he got the outbreaking measles, which he claimed is actually syphilis. Running went somewhere through Fanling Lau village then direct to the industrial area. Only One Eyed Jack and No Rough Stuff took the wimps, the others took the rambo when met the first R-W split.
Liberace, Dingaling and Radio 1 met the open open check somewhere beside the nullah. When they checked to the left and met somebody made a mark to indicate there was a T in front. So they checked the other ways everywhere but can’t find out any trail. Finally they checked back to the mark indicating there was T. No longer than 10 metres, trail was found up some steps on the right up the hill to shiggy beside Cow Pat. When in the shiggy, Liberace and Dingaling ran in the front. They kept hearing a very scared voice yelling “Are you! Are you!” anywhere in the whole shiggy trail behind far away by Radio 1.
After the shiggy we met the concrete to the lift up to a footbridge on over Tolo Highway to the opposite side. Turn right to Wo Hop Shek direction. Ran about 5 minutes then met the pagoda beside PTU which was the location of GB’s run couple of months ago.
Past the pagoda I could see no marking any more anywhere. One Eyed Jack still did his own way when the others try everywhere to find out trail. Dingaling and Penile Dementia found out the trail up to the second hill after seeing the second R W split. But I decided short cutting from PaK Wo Road back to the railway station. Radio 1 and No Rough Stuff decided following One Eyed Jack back on their own trail.
They were the first three running back to the circle. Next back was Liberace, then Dingaling and Penile Dementia. As they were so silly not to follow Liberace at the hashing, so they did a total 9 kms distance. Golden Jelly was the second last back. And Geriatric was the red lantern.
Conclusion, it was a very great run. Especially the shiggy that l never done. Thanks so much to Golden balls. – Liberace
Hare Golden Balls
Runners One Eyed Jack, Radio 1, No Rough Stuff, Liberace, Penile Dementia, Dingaling, Catch Of The Day, Golden Jelly, Geriatric
Non-runner Eunuch

Call For Hares

We have hares confirmed until the end of May (see hareline) and now need to fill in the second half of the committee year plus a little further to give the new committee in November some leeway. This is a volunteer call for hares – you can choose a date that suits you. First come first served. We’ll keep this open until Saturday 13 April, when we’ll allocate names to unclaimed dates. The table below shows all the run dates until the end of the year, including Saturday runs.

From the last AGM to the end of May, 21 hashers will have set runs, some of them more than once. Others have helped with things like the pub run and the 1900th run. And of course it goes without saying that some have not pulled their weight, possibly for good reason. We’re looking forward to seeing you guys back on the hareline! Those who have set runs are:

Back To The Future

Catch Of The Day

Creme Brulee (2)


Dram (3)

Eunuch (2)

Gaelle Says No


Green Head Product

Golden Balls (4)

Golden Jelly

Liberace (2)

Luk Sup Gow

Mango Groove

One Eyed Jack

Penile Dementia (2)

Radio 1

Stingray (2)

Velcro Lips (2)


Walky Talky


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