Run 1925, 26 June, Tan Cheung

The Snail and the Hare


It was a night when my chest seemed to be broken. It doesn’t mean “I’m going to have a big chest and a shirt torn”, and although I’ve been away from selling pearls for two weeks, my feet are recovering day by day and “I want to run fast” every day I hurried to me. It was an exciting night that I might be able to do a quick jog on the mountain path without using crutches.

I was almost certain to get rid of it, and I did not want to keep everyone waiting, so I headed to the starting point early. The starting point was at Plod’s house. It takes 45 minutes by car from home. I told myself not to drink as much as possible. Apart from listening to what I say. Arrived after 7 o’clock. When I pushed my car into the vacant parking space, Eunuch already stood barefoot on the side.

“Hello Catch Of The Day” Eunuch, a classic in short shorts on a black tank top, waved to me. He shakes his hand even if I am near 1m away.

Velcro Lips and Gunpowder Plod appeared from the roof. Plod didn’t want me to go. “There are no wimps. The road is longer than 5 kilometres. I hope you walk here and come back here.”

I started by saying, “I would not come here if I was going to take a walk”. I could leave 20 minutes earlier than everyone else. Unfortunately I made a mistake on most check points. Most of the check points for this time were road choices, though they were Plod’s, who liked moths. I went in 3 directions at the check point in front of the parking lot but I could not find anything. The voice of the infamous short cut guy (One Eyed Jack? – Ed) was heard from behind when I was serious. I cried “Are you? Are you?” In front of the check point even though I did not see it. Even if you are the first runner, who are you asking, “Are you? Are you?” And he went out into the parking lot. If he saw him not coming back, he would probably find a white powder. I also returned my bag and returned to the parking lot. French and Serbia wines ran from the top of the hill.

After that, about 30 checks were placed everywhere. The course continued to the seaside park across the main road. There are no mountains or bushes in this area, so I had to make a short cut from the main road to the climb road. I came to the top from Bill, but I took some time to check. There were a lot of courses if there were many checks on the way back and forth. There was still a check as to say this. After all, Eunuch appeared, and sometime OEJ and Velcro also appeared in front of the slope.

The road was estimated to be 3 kilometres, but I sweated a lot after a long time. While climbing the last slope, I threw down a lot of small snails, and I felt disgust with the words, “I made a bad word, Minamiu Amida Buddha”, but when I arrived on the roof I saw delicious sausages. I entered and I forgot the snail thing in no time.

Plod makes love at first sight to a Hong Kong woman walking on the road, and calls by car “Let’s go home,” and the woman who went to the movie the next day watch TV on the second floor. It was About 40 movie CDs were placed on the table, saying that GB is “Only a masterpiece, bring it home, like it”. The top of the three kittens looked at the cover. What is this? “Oh, I’m proudly proud that this is a great Pussy.”

The last runner Gerry finally arrived when the story of the story was exhausted.

Thank you Back To The Future, and Plod. Beer was also injected into the blood vessels moderately, and looking at the artificial satellite floating in the night sky, romantically “Mars, wood, Pluto” ended. — Catch Of The Day

Hares Gunpowder Plod, Back To The future

Runners One Eyed Jack, Liberace, Velcro Lips, Eunuch, Serbian Bomber, Golden Balls, Golden Jelly, Geriatric, Creme Brulee

Non-runners Guttermouth, 9 Ignorant Cocks

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