RIP Mr Sheen


The Hash received the sad news on Sunday 29 April that Mr Sheen, aka Jean-Marie Hanon, had died in his sleep. Luk Sup Gow reported: “Apparently he died suddenly at 8:00am this morning and was found with his nitro pill on the table, next to him. He had a heart condition and was probably that.”

Both Shek Kong and Northern New Territories hashes raised a glass on Sunday and Wednesday respectively to our most irascible yet kind-hearted hasher.


Oh my that’s terrible news. That’s caught me by surprise. Sheen was an avid hasher back in my days in Hong Kong between 1992 and 1997. Sheen left Hong Kong for Bangladesh manufacturing clothing and had a base for a long while in Thailand … as I recall. I remember doing the hash with him in Thailand and he was on the committee for the N2TH3 with myself, Mushroom and Mango back in the day. RIP Sheen. — Letch

Very sad news. It was a shame that he didn’t make it to our hash very often after he moved to Bangladesh – he certainly added a lot of humour and entertainment in the circle. — Go West

Condolences from UK to Mr. Sheen’s family. He was a loveable one-off Hash character – a curmudgeon with a twinkle in his eye as he dished out his caustic diatribes. Once met – never forgotten! Never let it be said that all Belgians are boring! — Loco

RIP JM — Niggled

I remember Mr Sheen as being very down to earth, he mastered the use of some very colourful hashing language and was very good at bantering too. Boo Hoo, sad news indeed. — Mushroom

I last met Mr Sheen in December 2014, in Pattaya, Thailand where he lived with his wife “On” (sp?) and son “Jack”. Myself and Beer Tits went out for a local Thai dinner with him, we visited his local bar and finally, with much reluctance, we all ended up in some dodgy dancing establishment. Unfortunately, he was now deaf as a post and the conversation was definitely one directional but we had a lovely evening. Our fond memories of him will live on. 

His “The Sheik” naming on maybe his first hash with a towel wrapped around his sweaty bald head (name was changed to Mr Sheen for obvious reasons), his neanderthal barking of down downs wandering around inside the circle, his knowledge of French wine, his wildly racist banter with his favourite “N”, Mango, wandering around cheese & wine parties wearing nothing but a wok, Bangladesh exploits at the FCC there, sharing a flat at the Heartbreak Hotel in Tai Mei Tuk, Chiang Mai Interhash, his in-depth conversations with Mushroom whilst both blind drunk, his poor attempt of slinging himself into the bush abyss at the infamous Catchment BBQ with Tin Tin & Mrs Doubtfire (only for his arse to be impaled on a tree at the bottom of the slope), his kindness whilst giving you shit, his single-handed attempts on being the whole Belgium Diplomatic Corp., his good sense of humour whilst holding that familiar dour expression, travelling to work in jeans and changing into his executive bow tie for his daily work, his tireless keyboard warfare on the whole of the internet (including Plod 😁) in multiple languages, the sheen off the top of his head on trail, his refusal to run up any slopes on trail, his love of classical music, hash at Fernando’s, his man love of the rotund couple (Desperate Dan & Zimmeeframe) in the dark years, etc, … a ripe old character.

He was 73 when he made his final On Home.

RIP Mr Sheen my good friend. — Luk Sup Gow

Very sad to hear about the demise of Mr. Sheen. Whilst he hashed with us in the 90s he kept us entertained (and sometimes shocked) by his dry wit and cantankerous manner, albeit always with a humourous glint in his eyes. Never a dull moment with Jean-Marie. He’ll be sadly missed. RIP. — Dram

First met Mr Sheen in January 1995, when I came along to the N2TH3. I didn’t run again until September that year and every time I met Mr Sheen in Tai Po he would ask why I wasn’t coming along and then call me a silly “N”. Also the first party I attended at BJ’s, I only went along to watch the FA cup final but it ended with Mr Sheen, myself and a few others playing Jenga. He knew I couldn’t handle my drink but kept giving me Tanduauy Rum so I kept knocking the tower over. That was my first experience of getting utterly plastered in Hong Kong. Mr Sheen was a true hasher, he would tell me about his exploits on the Pattaya Hash and he was a really smart person when we got talking. He dished out crap to others but he took it as well … remember when I covered his face in black shoe polish as my final revenge as RA? Myla and myself were delighted to know that he had settled back in Thailand and had a family … just a shame we didn’t see him again after he left Hong Kong. A special unique person … once met definitely not forgotten. RIP Jean Marie. — Mango Groove

Sorry to hear about Mr Sheen. He was an old curmudgeon and a great hasher. Now he joins that great hash circle as a trailblazer for the rest of us with his forlorn looks and dry wit albeit reinforced with the amber liquid. A real character who will no doubt look down with a wry smile.on the rest of us Earthlings. — Bogbrush

RIP Mr Sheen — Stingray

Mr Sheen belied his Belgian nationality by being a complete lunatic – I’ve not since ever met anyone quite like him and I don’t think I ever will. So sad that he’s passed – on on mate. — Eunuch

RIP Mr Sheen — Velcro Lips



One thought on “RIP Mr Sheen

  1. LSG 30/08/2019 / 9:58 am

    Goodbye good friend.

    On Home.

    RIP Mr Sheen

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