Run 1943, 23 October, Sai Kung

MANGO GROOVE is an 11 piece South African Afropop band according to the Tai Po massif and here’s some of the old songs they played to the Hash last Wednesday…..

The Groove has just moved to Sai Kung so it was welcome to My Home Town and Are You Ready for the Country because I’m the New Kid in Town. We met On the Dock of the Bay with many a Sloop John B adrift.

It was on on and up The Long and Winding Road, Dancing in the Dark and up to the Crossroads. For Mango There Aint no Mountain high enough. Two visitors wore their crazy Bright torches until we were Blinded by the light and yet another Crash. We got So far away until eventually reaching a cemetery and a Stairway to heaven.

Turning down In a Purple Haze it was Go your own way and Check on it. On down That’s just the way it is. down the Telegraph road. We were soon Homeward bound. Just Follow the Little arrows. No chance for The Shiggy Challenge.

Back at the bucket the hare pleaded I was only joking but it had been nearly 2000 miles. The pack was stunned, Don’t say a word to Mango, Don’t be cruel.

At last we were all back for Cigarettes and alcohol. Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps. All set for the Down Down Duppa.

The hare was less a raving Mango more a Nat old king cole marching us up to the top of the hill. But we did have a Buddy Holy lookalike aptly named Peggy Sue and a veteran geisha girl was named Catch of Yesterday.

To the ONONON and a toast, Raise your glass to Mike Barker Stains and Bouncing Bombers.

So despite the Changes it was Another day in paradise and we all retired with our Own personal jesus. Amen.

wait wait Just Let Me Explain !!!

PS Accordian to Flo it was more like Parisian Walkways than Country roads . Just wait till Next Week !!!!!

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