Run 1949, 4 December, Tai Po

At Last…the AGM!

After much dithering and changing of plans, the AGM finally came round almost a month after it was first scheduled — and what a good one it was. A well attended, fine run set by outgoing GM2 Penile Dementia with some last-minute assistance from Liberace, followed by a brief bucket session on the podium and a great on on at the adjacent hawker centre with the circle and election results taking place before the meal.

The run started from the roof podium of the Tai Po wet market cum hawker centre and trail initially went into the mazy Tai Po Market backstreets with plenty of checks and feints to keep the pack together, eventually establishing itself along the river and then up through the squatter huts into the shiggy. Fiendish check-backs kept the pack together uphill through the forest, with the most fiendish of all at the top of the hill. Then it was down, along a drainage culvert, down some steep waterworks steps, briefly along the highway then into shiggy again before trail emerged through more squatter stuff, down towards the railway and home. Well set trail with nobody lost and out for ages, all back in good time for the tables booked in the hawker centre.

Outgoing GM Catch Of The Day presided over a hilarious circle, and the new committee was elected appointed with the aid of an animated laptop presentation: young QT is our new GM, while a special new post of cleaner was created, to be known as Broom (“I’ve already had two beers, I’m ready for the broom…”). Roll your mouse over the grid below to see who’s who for the coming twelvemonth.

Then it was dinner (the usual gwailo garbage plus some very fresh seafood purchased from the wet market below) and old-style boozing until the hawkers started hosing the floors down. Drunk, we took the hint. On on to another year of the Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers!

Hares Penile Dementia, Liberace

Present Golden Jelly, Prince Of Darkness, Geriatric, QT, Mango Groove, Golden Balls, Bunter, Radio 1, Back To The Future, Creme Brulee, Eunuch, Stingray, Catch Of The Day, Walkie Talkie, Fartypants (incomplete)

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