Run 1951, 11 December 2019, Taipo

The Pub Crawl

Image result for n2th3 pub crawl pics

Hares: Mainly Stingray but assisted by anyone capable of staggering a few steps to the next watering hole

Pack: Honorable GM QT and Bunter, Catch of the Day, Crème Brulee, Eunuch, Geriatric, Golden Balls, Honey Monster, Liberace, Luk Sap Gao, Mango Groove, Prince of Darkness, Vibrator, Victim   

Report: An exciting run, so filled with excitement that I’ve forgotten most of it.   There was some superb hare-ing, especially by LSG who took the startled (and surprisingly ungainly) hashers scrambling over a fairly high wall. I wonder how the locals navigate it – oh, perhaps they go around.   Thanks to LSG, I received my first hash injury on a pub run! 

Liberace managed to set a pub run that was distinctively his;  clear arrows for 20 yards followed by no arrows, all the runners looking around puzzled until “it’s over here” was shouted from 100 hundred yards away in the opposite direction.  Good thing there were a lot of us.  We would have been wandering the streets for hours seeking the next pub.

The operators of said pub might have been happy if we’d failed to visit them, since many pubs were treated to what might kindly be termed ‘out of tune’ Christmas caroling – a holiday event that, to the bar’s regular customers, mercifully comes but once a year.   

But a few minutes per pub and we were off again, hot on another trail.   Mango Groove masterfully manned the cash reserves; when one barkeep told me it would cost hundreds for a few beers, Mango laughed him to scorn and negotiated a damn reasonable price for those slightly post-expiration-date Knight brews.    

Stingray made the evening complete with a fantastic T-shirt, indicating the Tai Po bars on an MTR-style map; I will treasure the shirt when I am old and gray (wait a minute . . .) and not only for the memory.  I will only have to point to any bar on the shirt, drooling emphatically, and the nice gendarmes will take me there.  Speaking of gendarmes, we did not visit the Bobby London on our tour —  perhaps a first?  I guess gendarmerie is not the thing these days. 

But camaraderie was there in plenty; amen for Catch of the Day or it would have been an all-male (lesser) hash.   But all went smoothly; many pubs were visited; smiles were shared; cups held high; down-downs delivered (?).  There was pizza, expertly organized by NNTGM QT, the presence of Honey Monster (international (Scots?) man of mystery), the terrifying pool contest between Liberace and Catch of the Day (would he rip the cloth?), and extended cordial goodbyes as members of the pack departed in turn, awaiting the next crawl.

Scribe: Victim

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