Run No 1959 and The Saturday Run No 25 – 1 February 2020 – The Brexit Run

Image result for brexit pics"The Location: Villa No 2, Tit Hang – Chez Jelly-Balls

The Hares: Golden Balls with Golden JellyWhatsApp Image 2019-08-07 at 22.29.28

The Pack: GM QT, Vibrator, Gunpowder Plod, Liberace, Stuntdouble, Hoover, Farty Pants, Walky Talky, Velcro Lips, G-Spot, Eunuch, Auntieseptic, Piss in Bucket, Immaculate Conception, Ruthy, Luk Sap Gow, Beer Tits, MSG, Cathy, Moonie, Tangerine Dream, Radio One, Back to the Future, Salesman, Catch of the Day, Penile Dementia, Ponce of Darkness and Anus the Horrible.

The Scribe: Vibrator – originally named:Image result for nose vibrator pics"

The Approach: The first challenge of the day was to find Golden Balls and Golden Jelly’s place, well hidden in his village of Tit Hang . Thanks to a lift from Gunpowder Plod I didn’t have to find it myself. Golden Balls takes the first ‘N’ in N2TH3 to extremes. I think the next village north is in China proper. A few cars arrived just before we were off to have a good turnout.Back to the Future in full biohazard gear leaves the Tit Hang WuFlu Quarantine Center

The Run: The run started through the vegetable patches close to the house. Golden Balls found his old running speed and must have kept sprinting ahead of the pack to pop up at every corner to take photos.Salesman overtakes the toddlers


The first part of the run was flat and easy terrain. This didn’t stop QT tripping 3 times inside 30m. Luckily, when he fell flat on his face he had a soft landing and fell in the manure. His record for the day was 8 crashes on trail plus 1 at the BBQ.Image result for cutie in mud pics"

The hill continued up and along the ridge with great views of Shenzhen. Luckily the fresh breeze wasn’t Northerly and blowing in any airborne WuFlu. Moonie, after starting late, came charging through the pack taking the uphill and downhill like a Chamois. Only Golden Balls beat him down in time to take more photos. On-On to the Rambo split.Radio One tuned in…


The Rambo started with a rather steep and challenging burned-out slope. Golden Balls later admitted that he was far too scared to climb that slope and left Golden Jelly to set trail alone. Moonie and Liberace were the first up. Libs uncharacteristically went the wrong way at the check on the top. This left Moonie to chase down the other side and on-home shouting ‘On-On’, while the rest of the pack were still floundering going up.

Coming off the hill I met Eunuch coming up the wrong way having missed the well-marked split. This obviously wasn’t his fault as he blamed his Piss in Bucket, Immaculate Coception and Ruthy for leading him astray.

A great run; no concrete, not too long yet quite challenging with great views. And a couple had some sneaky Sex on the Hash:

0f9052ef-2823-4c5e-b92f-15764ac080f6The RA may have re-name these two following the oblivious Back to the Future up Humping Hill!

On-On: to Golden Balls and Golden Jelly’s Bash with greet food and plenty of booze and a Circle run by GM QT:


img-2915“Why you don’t like my Brexit Soup?”

Photos: Golden Balls, Walky Talky, Gunpowder Plod, Salesman

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