Run 1965, 11 March 2020 – The Case of the Drowned Bride YOB Run

START LOCATION: Bride’s Pool – northern pagoda/Lion’s Pavilion

Image result for bride's pool pagoda pics


Google Maps:


TIME: 7:30 pm

HARES: Catch of the Day and Back to the Future


For Plebs: Public Transport. Nearest MTR is Tai Po Market and hitch a ride or catch a Minibus 20R  or KMB: 275R to Bride’s pool stop then walk 2 minutes

For Toffs: Drive along Ting Kok Road from Tai Po Road

PARKING: car park at Start



HARE SAYS: “bathing facilities available”

Image result for bride's pool pagoda pics

WEBSHITE’S COMMENT: Legend has it that a bride (Carried Lam) was being carried in a sedan chair by four porters on her way to meet her groom in stormy weather.

The Official Version: As they passed the pool, one of the porters slipped and the bride fell into the pool and drowned. Therefore, the pool was named Bride’s Pool in memory of the bride.

The Truth: The bride was an ugly, miserable shrew foisted on the cute young groom by a despotic northern step-mother Cixi. The groom bribed the eunuch porters to do her in so he could elope back to the future with his sexy sweetheart from the Ho clan, his true catch of the day.

Image result for sedan chair crash Despotic tep-mother Cixi in sedan chair surrounded by her miserable Eunuchs


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