Run Announcement 1981 – Wed 07 October 2020

Hare:   Antiseptic

Never more popular than today, we thank Antiseptic for her tireless fight against Covid and tooth decay. Now its time to celebrate her birthday by rooting around aimlessly in the new territories.

Run Start Time: 7:30pm or earlier if you wish, staggered groups of no more than 4!! 

Location: Hok Tau 

Start from the usual BBQ pits one assumes. Hok Tau BBQ

Google: Hok Tau BBQ

How to get there:

Serfs: By car along Sha Tau Kok Road, 2nd roundabout, 2nd exit. Up the hill. (or follow the map above). or take a taxi

Peasants: Fanling MTR Exit C – Take the green minibus 52B. Get out at Hok Tau Organic Farm

COVID Rules Reminder

  1. No circle
  2. Running and Casual drinking in groups of 4 and less
  3. Masks when not running/between drinking
  4. There will be a bucket
  5. No screaming R U while in urban areas(it’s a country park in part) – hares, please keep the checks short, well we will see about that.

Message from the GM: Funnily enough, if you do a google image search for Hok Tau BBQ pits, the 10th result is Run 1927 and a Hong Kong police emblem. The reason I’m sure is because of the 17th image.

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