Run Announcement 1982 – 14 October 2020

A wet run in the Belly of Kings brought by the fruit of the gods. Woe unto you who does not find satisfaction in such endeavors.

Run Start Time: 7:30pm or earlier if you wish, staggered groups of no more than 4!!

Location: Tai Po

Start: Kings Belly – or the park next to it


How to get there –

Serfs: First left on Wan Tau Street. If that carpark’s full then there’s a carpark on the 2nd left and 3rd left brings you to an underground carpark.

Peasants: Tai Po Market MTR & walk 10 minutes. or any bus that goes to Tai Po and comes along Kwong Fuk Road.

COVID Rules Reminder:

  1. No circle
  2. Running and Casual drinking in groups of 4 and less
  3. No shouty, shouty
  4. Masks when not running/between drinking
  5. There will be a bucket
  6. No screaming R U while in urban areas(it’s a country park in part) – hares, please keep the checks short, well we will see about that.

Message from the GM: This must be the most devastating typhoon to have hit Hong Kong in quite a while! So devastating that the hare had to change to change the start and several leaves fell on the floor causing a mild inconvenience to some trees. But speaking of mild inconveniences, please do follow the rules – they’re there for a reason.

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