Run Report – 2083 – Oct 19th 2022

Hare: Mango Groove

Pack: QT, Prince of Darkness, Imbiblio, Velcro Lips, Liberace, Juan Revolta, Cindy (TBN), Becky (TBN), Nitro Goreman, Radio One, Geriatric, Ding-a-Ling

Rocking up at 7, I was greeted with the endless moanings from Juan Revolta of how far out Sai Kung is from Central anywhere (He might be on to something…), we found the hare giving a brief to the one and only Prince of Darkness! Having survived the dangers of a British summer, he quietly set off before the pack had assembled. Radio One, a fellow early arrival could only look on in earnest as the GM banned her from heading off early.

Once the anointed time of 7:30 arrived, the hare gave his briefing – a short run to ensure an OnOn at the local Dai Pai Dong. To paraphrase One Eyed Jack ( something something something CONCRETE! With the briefing done, the pack was unleashed, with the exception of Juan Revolta, who was kept on a leash to ensure the late arrival Cindy didn’t run alone. (what a Gentleman…)

Setting off along Harams Highway, I managed to every single check wrong and when I finally found my rhythm, hit a check back. Backing up and finding the OnOn along the road, the trail took us to the end of the road to a check and straight through and up. and up. What felt like miles ended up being about a mile of up hill, leading us to Man Kung Road Cemetery. Sensing a theme here we followed trail up and of course found the 2nd check back. The true trail leading us down Man Kung Road and the Wimps/Rambo Split. The Wimps followed the road back to Harims Highway and home.

The Rambos on the other hand followed a short shiggy path through the forest to Hing Keng Shek village, down the hill back to Harams Highway and home.

Much to the delight of Mango, the FRBs were back within 45 minutes & the rest of the pack within the hour. Total distance about 5.2k

a hurried circle was formed to ensure we would make it for the OnOn. Down Downs were given for Racing on the hash and one day I’ll actually pay attention to what the GM is talking about and might even make notes of who else recieves a Down Down.

12 hashers made it to the OnOn where the standard fair was had and another delightful evening ends.


There’s no way Liz Truss is going to quit. She won’t quit until Christmas at the very least.

Qutie – day before Liz Truss quit

Until the next run – ONON!

Sadly the regular photographer is off on an adventure in UK, so here’s some pictures I made:

Run Report – 2082 – Oct 12th 2022

Hare: Qutie

pack: Mango Groove, Velcro Lips, Juan Revolta, Liberace, Penile Dementia, Chiwawa Jackson, Nitro Goreman, Becky (TBN), Ding-a-Ling, DRAM, radio One, Imbiblio

What kind of hare writes his own run report?!? Perhaps it will “encourage” a return to semi regular reports? Doubt it, but since we’ve not had a run report in several years, I figure I’d put something together.

Starting from Chui Lok Street garden, the trail ran through Tai Yuen Estate, across Ting Kok road and around the back of the industrial estate. From here it went along side a small estate that must have some fantastic Fung Shui. We know this because of the village graveyard we ascended through. The trail then intersected with a powerlines maintenance path which split the wimps from the Rambo’s.

following the Rambo’s up the hill, into the shiggy and eventually intersecting the Wilson trail. The hash trail continued down the Wilson to Tai po tau. From here the trail followed along the back of Ying Pun Ha village, joined with the wimps and back home.

Unfortunately, none of the hashers actually managed to run this section as the FRB (who shall remain nameless but is quoted below) decided to spend a whole 3 minutes on the check and set his own trail home.

Still, all runners made it home and the even finished with an OnOn at the local equivalent to a dai pai dong.

a few quotes from the evenings events:

“I’ve not run this trail in 20 years”


“I set this trail 15 years ago”


“Such a beautiful trail of toilet paper”

Chiwawa Jackson

“You owe me a new pair of pants”

Becky (not yet named)


Derick’s response encapsulates Chiwawa’s attitudes towards this run