Run 2090 – November 30th 2022

Hare: Imbiblio

Time: 19:30

Map: Wan Tau Street Sitting out area (opposite King’s Belly Pub)




Bus: Innumerable busses that go to Tai Po Kwong Fuk Road can be used

Train: Tai Po Market Station is a 7 minute walk from the start.

JamJars (Cars): A small carpark is just next door. Though often full. A number of other car parks are across the road and around the area.

There will be much joyful gambolling through the forest


Webshite Says: Temps looking to drop on Wednesday. Should the run start at the ‘usual’ spot, Libs will probably start a fire…On second thought…maybe best to move to a more public venue. Still, with many DPD style resturants around, an OnOn wouldn’t be out of the question…