Run 2092 – December 14th 2022 – Country Pub Run III – Return to Lam Tsuen Valley


It’s the Country Pub Run & AGM! Come along and find out who’s been dobbed in and forced to join the committee. In commiserations and to prepare the unfortunate bastards, enjoy a drink at the finest 4 (possibly only) pubs Lam Tsuen has to offer! On On!

Hare: Ding-a-Ling

Time: 7:30





Tai Wo MTR is the closest station. Take the 25K minibus or 64K bus to the wishing tree.

Cars: Highly Recommended to Not drive. Parking and driving home will be at your peril.

Trail: A – B along a selection of the finest bars Lam Tsuen has to offer.

OnOn: An OnOn has been prepared at the best curry house this side of the Lam Tsuen River.

Hare Says: The run we’ve all been training for all year!

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