Run Report – 2091 – Day 3 of 15 Hashes of Christmas

Hare: Golden Balls

Hashers: G-spot, Ah Duk, Barely Legal, Chihuawa, Comes Up the Rear, Minja Turtle, Cutie, Lap Sap Gow, Lost In Space, Gobi Lo, D-Dog, Octopussy, Geriatric, Jill, Thermal Dick, Jon, Juicy, Tight Lips, Head Lamp, Golden Jelly, Telecum, Liberace, Lotus, Hopeless, Moonie, Cyclops, North and South, Imbiblio, Freebee, Radio One, Ruthless, Sheila, Dingaling, Victim, Wincy

Write-up: Hopeless

Day 3 of “15 Hashes of Christmas” and Northern New Territories H3 was hosting the Wednesday run. As they usually set “up north” then we were treated to a northern location – Yuen Long station.

For those who have never been to Yuen Long, or those overseas, it has transformed from a dusky village house landscape to a huge Metropolis, dominated by the 2 phases of “Yoho Mall”. Times have moved on since the white tee shirt clad triads in 2019 running through the MTR and whacking passers-by with their wooden sticks…..

The start was by the nearby bike shop from Exit J. The hare was busy handing out $7 in shrapnel for our “ferry across the Mersey” ride, which, I must admit, I have never done before. Google coughed up “Nam Sang Wai Ferry”, so this must be the one, but it didn’t help working out Golden Balls’ trail.

35 runners set off to experience a pretty much 3km run along the riverside of Kam Tin River before turning into the paddy fields and villages. Trail was reasonably well marked, including the use of toilet paper. All Checks were Open. So, when a local villager takes a #2 by the path and leaves their used toilet paper there, it can cause confusion to the pack!

After nearly 6km we come to the “ferry”. A tiny wooden boat across a murky pond, $7 and only 7 people per ride. 7 into 35 means quite a bit of waiting for some! But an interesting experience, and then a 2km run in to the finish.

Plenty of cold softies and beer, and a good Circle, including a raffle, organised by Moonie (who kept his shorts on!).

But… no hash song…. Oops!

Will we need masks for the ferry?


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