Run 2100 – 1st Feb 2023 – Kwu Tung

Hare: Nitro Goreman

Time: 7:30

Location: Village entrance outside the Lo Wu Saddle Club


Important! Google will lead you on a wild goose chase up round Lok Ma Chau if you follow their directions! Change view to public transport and head through Kwu Tung, following the 51K minibus to view the correct directions.

Transport: 51K minibus runs from Shueng Shui station to Lo Wu Correctional Centre, Get off at the Saddle Club.

Cars: Parking can be found ~200 down the road at the riding school car park, past the prison on the right –,114.1118722&hl=en-HK&gl=hk&entry=gps&g_st=iw

Hare says: “Wear long pants and embrace scratches, a reward of food might be arraigned”

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