Can I have my Jaffa Cakes now? Run Report – 2089

You may be wondering why a strange title for this run report.Well, the answer is that Cutie, in his new role of webmaster/publisher/ cum R.A. promised Mango a lifetime supply of Jaffa Cakes if he wrote up Geriatric’s and Judy’s run from a couple of months ago. Cutie be warned Mango doesn’t want any of those rip-off Jaffa Cakes from the one-poundshop in Tai Po nor the French version that ex-hashers Monkeyteer and Crème Brule wet themselves over…. Mango wants Mcvitie’s…lovely, soft, squeezy, sweet and tangy on the inside…the perfect woman…oops I mean cake…ooops I mean biscuit.

Now for the run…A lovely dry, slightly humid evening with a run set by Geriatric and Judy, from a location we have never used, a small shelter adjacent to Ma On Shan Long Keng Village Beach. Nice location, super location, but what a trek from Wu Kai Sha MTR. I have never walked for so long under a covered walkway…it must have been over a kilometre. As most of us were on the way, a message sent by the hare “look for the red blob!” was posted on our group. What was this red blob? Who was this red blob? Did Geriatric find a chubbier member of our group, leave him out in the sun the whole day and then tie him to a lamppost as a marker for the rest of the group to follow? It sounds like the sort of thing Geriatric is capable of, but we will never know what this red blob was. Alas, we managed to make it to the shelter before 7-30 pm, well, not all because Imbiblio and Nitro Gorman were to arrive slightly later. 

Geriatric gave instructions, and all was good in the world. Off we went back up the little slip road we walked down and the first check. Piece of cake, everyone went left along the main road, Chihuahua Jackson and Prince of Darkness leading the pack onto the next check. Needed to think here, “Will the hares take us around Whitehead Golf Driving Range or over the road and towards Starfish Bay?” It turned out to be the latter as we raced over the road with Golden Balls, Velcro and Dram solving this quickly. 

After solving another simple check, we were treated to a rather long stretch of flat running with Liberace, Juan Revolta and Energiser Bunny racing away. It wasn’t long before the racers found themselves off the trail as they had missed the left-pointing arrow that took us along a drainage canal. This was a nice off-road trail leading towards a gate and into some open land. A very large check was found, but this proved tricky to solve. We looked in all directions until the trail was sighted over and into a rubbish dump. Cutie, who found trail,kept finding paper all the way to a public toilet and a check near Nai Chung Pebbles Beach. The trail could only go left or right, but yet this proved taxing on our collective brain cells until Prince of Darkness called “on on” right with a little scramble along the beach up onto a nice path, behind some bamboo and into  Nai Cung. Again a few checks caught us out with a common theme of Liberace running the wrong way and Prince of Darkness calling him back. 

Soon we were heading away from Nai Chung, running parallel to Ma On Shan bypass. Somehow we had lost Prince of Darkness and Chihuahua Jackson, just as well, as at this point, “hash stupidity” reared its ugly head because Liberace, Energiser Bunny and Juan Revolta started racing with each other only to miss a check back. Fortunately, Cutie spotted it and alerted Mango. The proper trail took us uphill in the general direction of Ngaa Wu Steam but not that far up, quickly descending back onto the trail until a Rambo / wimps split. The rambos headed into Ma On Shan, turning leftwards towards Villa Athena before a little jaunt along the coastlineand back to the bucket. It was almost a 9km run, long but enjoyable.

Back at the bucket, we were treated to a feast of spring rolls, garlic bread and chicken wings, and if that wasn’t enough,Cutie provided some Kendal Mint Cake after his quick trip to the UK. As we feasted, we had forgotten that Imbiblio and Nitro Gorman were still out, but they both returned not too long after having done the full and “proper” trail. All in all a highly enjoyable evening. Much gratitude to Geriatric and Judy for setting the trail and preparing a mini-banquet for us.

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