Run Announcement 2104 – Feb 25th 2023 – Pak Sha Wan (Hebe Haven) Saturday Special

Hare: Mango

Time: 3:00PM

Map: Pak Sha Wan (Hebe Haven)



Trains: Bus Dependent – Choi Hung MTR or Diamond Hill.

Bus: 1A Minibus from Choi Hung MTR or KMB 92 from Diamond Hill appear to be the best options.

Cars: Public carpark nearby, but always full, 2nd carpark around the corner, next to HHYC – also always full. Drive early & at your own peril!

Hare Says: Plenty of Shiggy, Streams etc. Rambo & Wimp trails. OnOns can be arranged at the DPD or in Sai Kung Town.