Run Announcement 2106 – Mar 8th 2023 – Shek Mun

ShaTin looks a little bit different to what it once did.

Hare: Radio One

Time: 7:30

Map: Sha Tin

Googler: It’s actually around the corner from the above map…


Trains: Closest station is Shek Mun MTR – 15 minute walk to the start (treat as a warm up or take a taxi). 811A minibus also runs from the station to Pictorial Gardens – the closest estate.

Busses: Get off at Ravana Garden ( ) – All* busses from Kowloon or HK to Ma On Shan should pass this stop. A sample of them are the 40x, 43s, 82c, 85K, 89C etc. Walk 8 minutes to the start.

Cars: A small public parking lot exists at the end of the road (Google tells me On King Street) near the start, drivers beware as the hare has advised it’s very popular and often full.

Hare says: The start is a small Pagoda

Footnote* not guaranteed to be all busses from Kowloon or HK.