Run Report – 2097 – 11 January 2023, Tsing Yi

A pleasantly cool evening for a pleasant jaunt to the highlands of Tsing Yi, I thought as Golden Jelly and I left the car in the housing estate car park to be told by Google that the start was 700m away, and tramping through the huddled and masked crowds heading for rice in cramped quarters we soon came across the on-home, following it to Nga Ying Chau Garden, where the hares Velcro Lips and Back To The Future were pressing pre-run chocolate brandies on the unfortunate pack.

The start was at a paved and covered area with seating made from rough-hewn granite blocks polished flat and smooth on the top, and jolly comfortable too. Where are the bogs, I asked, to be told by Velcro that the park was too small for conveniences but there was a dark cranny behind the sitting-out area littered with toilet paper, proving that that was where people went to relieve themselves. I wondered how she knew. Watch out for that tree, I said enigmatically as I headed for the woods, but clearly the hares had never heard of George Of The Jungle.

Back at the blocks, I missed the briefing as I faffed with my headlamp, whose straps had been altered a few days prior to fit a cycling helmet, and by the time I got it right the pack had disappeared from view. Worse, there were no markings in the park (fervent parkies at work?) or at the bus terminus outside. Woe is me, thought I, for how shall I ever catch the pack? But catch them I did at the first check, down an unlikely-looking side road with no pavement at the end of which was a check surrounded by milling hashers. As I reached the check, on on was called over a low wall and through some trees out to – the waterfront promenade.

I found myself in a loose group of walkers that included Hoover, Golden Jelly and Geriatric. Bunter was somewhere in the mix but I never saw him until the end. The runners – Dingaling, Qutie, Liberace, Mango Groove and Stunt Double – kept concertinaing in and out of vision as they trotted around looking for the inevitable escape route from the waterfront into the hills. An escape route that did not manifest itself for another couple of kilometres, enabling Liberace to pull his usual stunt of not checking far enough at checks, telling everybody there were no markings, then marking his own trail in the wrong direction, which of course everybody followed – a tactic that enabled the walkers to keep up with the runners right up to the rambo/wimp split.

Here, the rambos went right. Later commentary revealed the climbing of a wall; the ascent of a slippery rock face; and a fine shiggy descent. The wimps meanwhile went left on a mundane urban route inland from the promenade, eventually reaching the on-home previously encountered. I did all in my power to thrash the other wimps into submission and made a triumphal, breathless entry into the park to be subject to a barrage of questions from Velcro, questions I couldn’t answer because believe it or not I was panting too much from my exertions.

Hoover and Golden Jelly followed me in followed by Bunter and Geriatric, then the first Rambo in the shape of a charging Mango Groove followed by Liberace and Qutie, Stunt Double and Dingaling. The entire pack finished within a few minutes of each other. If one measure of a good hash is to keep the pack together, this was a good hash.

Back To The Future was passing out pistachios and Velcro was rounding up people for an on-on at a local daipaidong. An initial yes vote resulted in the decision to have the circle at the on-on. But then things fell apart. The centre could not hold. Mere apathy was loosed upon the hash as one by one excuses were made and folk departed, Back To The Future because she had to go to Macau the next day. Qutie because he had to get up at 7am and “use my brain”. Whatever next. Suddenly there was nobody left, the beer had all been drunk and…where was the circle? It had been put in a cupboard somewhere.

Run 2097 – January 11th 2023 – Tsing Yi

Hare: Velcro Lips & Back to the Future

Time: 7:30

Location: Nga Ying Chau Garden – Tsing Yi





MTR Tung Chung line to Tsing Yi station, Exit A. 5 Minute walk

Presumably there are buses, Google tells me the 409s runs by the bucket. But realistically, you’re going to take the train.

Cars: Cheap Parking in the nearby Cheung Fat Plaza, or park at the MTR

Hare Says: A Wimps & A Rambo’s?!? An ONON at the nearby Heung Kong Restaurant?!? It will be FABULOUS!

A prediction of the journey home

Run 2096 – January 4th 2023 – Happy New Year! Happy Birthday! Happy Leaving HK! Joint run N2TH3 + LSWH

Hare: CoTD

Time: 7:15-30

Location: Au Pui Wan St No.41, Fo Tan





Closest MTR is Fo Tan station – follow marking from MTR exit D walk 6-7 min


Car parking suggest anywhere alone the road where everybody is parking nearby. Or for safety please go to Shatin Galleria Car Parking across the street.

Hare Says: ONON Pizza + drinks $100 flat rate

Run 2095 – 31st December 2022 – Last run of the year saturday special

Hare: Golden Balls

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Casa GB – Tit Hang





From Sheung Shui, take red minibus no. 17 towards Yuen Long. The minibus starts from San Fat Street, just around the corner from the Better Ole. Alight at the traffic lights on Castle Peak Road about 1 km after crossing the Beas River nullah. Walk about 1 km northwards from the lights on the unnamed road. There is a garbage collection station on the right at the junction with Castle Peak Road.

From Yuen Long, take red minibus no. 17 towards Sheung Shui. The minibus starts from Shui Che Kwun Street. Alight at the traffic lights on Castle Peak Road about 600m after passing the yellow bus terminus on the right. Walk about 1 km northwards from the lights on the unnamed road. There is a garbage collection station on the right at the junction with Castle Peak Road.


A taxi from Sheung Shui Station sets you back about $60, from Yuen Long Station about $100.


Get on the stretch of Fanling Highway (Route 9) between Sheung Shui and Yuen Long.

If heading towards Yuen Long, exit via the ramp at Pak Shek Au Interchange, turn right to cross the highway then left to Castle Peak Road. Turn right almost immediately at the traffic lights and proceed about 1 km northwards on the unnamed road. There is a garbage collection station on the right at the junction with Castle Peak Road.

If heading towards Sheung Shui, exit at San Tin Interchange and turn right to Castle Peak Road. After about 600m turn left at the traffic lights and proceed about 1 km northwards on the unnamed road. There is a garbage collection station on the right at the junction with Castle Peak Road.


Narrow single-track road. Room for about 6 cars in the immediate vicinity or more space further down the unnamed road.


Hare also says: Bring your own Mistletoe

Run 2094 – 28th December 2022 –

Hare: Bunter

Time: 7:30

Location: Round the back of HLY Power substation





Closest MTR is Tai Wo – Take the 64K to Hong Lok Yuen bus stop. 5 minutes walk to the sub station.

Parking: On street parking should be available as area is fairly discreet

Hare says: OnOn will be arranged at Chez Earle for those inclined to enjoy a drink and meal.

Run Report – 2091 – Day 3 of 15 Hashes of Christmas

Hare: Golden Balls

Hashers: G-spot, Ah Duk, Barely Legal, Chihuawa, Comes Up the Rear, Minja Turtle, Cutie, Lap Sap Gow, Lost In Space, Gobi Lo, D-Dog, Octopussy, Geriatric, Jill, Thermal Dick, Jon, Juicy, Tight Lips, Head Lamp, Golden Jelly, Telecum, Liberace, Lotus, Hopeless, Moonie, Cyclops, North and South, Imbiblio, Freebee, Radio One, Ruthless, Sheila, Dingaling, Victim, Wincy

Write-up: Hopeless

Day 3 of “15 Hashes of Christmas” and Northern New Territories H3 was hosting the Wednesday run. As they usually set “up north” then we were treated to a northern location – Yuen Long station.

For those who have never been to Yuen Long, or those overseas, it has transformed from a dusky village house landscape to a huge Metropolis, dominated by the 2 phases of “Yoho Mall”. Times have moved on since the white tee shirt clad triads in 2019 running through the MTR and whacking passers-by with their wooden sticks…..

The start was by the nearby bike shop from Exit J. The hare was busy handing out $7 in shrapnel for our “ferry across the Mersey” ride, which, I must admit, I have never done before. Google coughed up “Nam Sang Wai Ferry”, so this must be the one, but it didn’t help working out Golden Balls’ trail.

35 runners set off to experience a pretty much 3km run along the riverside of Kam Tin River before turning into the paddy fields and villages. Trail was reasonably well marked, including the use of toilet paper. All Checks were Open. So, when a local villager takes a #2 by the path and leaves their used toilet paper there, it can cause confusion to the pack!

After nearly 6km we come to the “ferry”. A tiny wooden boat across a murky pond, $7 and only 7 people per ride. 7 into 35 means quite a bit of waiting for some! But an interesting experience, and then a 2km run in to the finish.

Plenty of cold softies and beer, and a good Circle, including a raffle, organised by Moonie (who kept his shorts on!).

But… no hash song…. Oops!

Will we need masks for the ferry?


Run 2093 – 21st December 2022 – Kins’ Farm

Hare: Catch of the Day

Time: 7:30

location: Kin’s Farm






Sze Tau Leng Village, from Fanling MTR exit C, Minibus 56B takes 20 min to the terminus and walk for 7-8 min to Coffee farm.

Parking: Recommend parking after anywhere over Yellow bridge but please be quiet and don’t anybody’s see you.

Hare says: I will prepare a fire!

Run 2092 – December 14th 2022 – Country Pub Run III – Return to Lam Tsuen Valley


It’s the Country Pub Run & AGM! Come along and find out who’s been dobbed in and forced to join the committee. In commiserations and to prepare the unfortunate bastards, enjoy a drink at the finest 4 (possibly only) pubs Lam Tsuen has to offer! On On!

Hare: Ding-a-Ling

Time: 7:30





Tai Wo MTR is the closest station. Take the 25K minibus or 64K bus to the wishing tree.

Cars: Highly Recommended to Not drive. Parking and driving home will be at your peril.

Trail: A – B along a selection of the finest bars Lam Tsuen has to offer.

OnOn: An OnOn has been prepared at the best curry house this side of the Lam Tsuen River.

Hare Says: The run we’ve all been training for all year!

Run 2091 – December 7th 2022


At one point on trail you will encounter a ferry that requires HK$7 in CASH to board. Not plastic but actual coins. If you do not have the cash you will be unable to proceed on trail and will have to retrace your steps.The cash will be provided to you before the run (start 7.30pm sharp) and will be covered by your hash cash.If however you intend to start early please be aware that you will need to carry the necessary cash with you.On on

Hare: Golden Balls

Time: 19:30

Location: Yuen Long Town Cycling Entry/Exit Hub (LK Bike shop)





From HK Island / Kowloon: Tung Chung MTR line / Tuen Ma MTR line to Yuen Long (change at Nam Cheong, total 7 stops). System map. The route to the start will be marked from Yuen Long MTR Exit J (northeastern corner of station). From Tai Po: 64K bus (nearest stop Yoho Mall 1)

Parking: Multistorey at Yoho Mall II—enter from Long Yat Road under the MTR station; open car parks on north side of Long Yat Road; you may even be able to burgle a space at the start.

Trail: A to A with long and short options.


Hare Says:

This run is part of the “15 Hashes of Christmas” week of hashing tagged culminating in the Santa Hash on Sunday 11 November to raise funds for the Spare A New Toy Appeal for underprivileged children. We expect a few hashers from other chapters to turn up, particularly Little Sai Wan as this becomes their official run for the week. Christmassy garb encouraged