Historical Hareline

We cannot exist without runs. Hares are our Great Indomitable Trailblazers.        Become a GIT by volunteering to set a run.                                                                                Just look at the available dates below and contact the Hare Raiser:

Hare Raiser for 2020 is Back To The Future. Contact her if you want to set a run: stevereels@mac.com / +852 6979 9511 or +852 9493 9295


No asterisk:             Hare 100% confirmed.
One asterisk (*):     Hare asked but not confirmed.
Two asterisks (**): Hare not yet asked, Hareraiser will approach them on Wednesday or                                       email should we fail to see them.
Hareraiser will “give people the courtesy of asking them and if they don’t reply then they’re stuck with that date and it’s up to them to sort it out.”
Just thought I’d slip this in for a laugh – from Sek Kong Hash Webshite on 11Jan20:
“Who would ever actually want to be Hareraiser?
What a thankless task. Why bother, eh?
Well, our Hareraiser (Farty Pants) is either too stubborn, or just too stupid, to quit.
Similarly, the role of Webshite (Nine Ignorant Cocks) is equally thankless, and even more pointless when you consider that most hashers are such Luddites that they can barely operate a smart phone, and have little use for the internet besides watching cat videos.
At least Hareraisers provide the useful function of giving us all someone to moan at when the trail is inevitably shite.
So from the owner of one thankless task to another, thank you wholeheartedly for your efforts.
They have barely registered on the scale of things that don’t register much; like mouse farts and announcements from Carrie Lam, but thank you all the same!”
1954 1 Jan Geriatric & COTD Kin’s Farm. New Year’s Day
1955 8 Jan Bunter Tai Po Cooked Food Market
1956 15 Jan Liberace Central Kwai Chung Park
1957 22 Jan G-Spot
1958 29 Jan Velcro Lips
1959 1 Feb Golden Balls Saturday Run No. 25 – BREXIT!
1960 5 Feb Golden Jelly/Librace YOB Run
1961 12 Feb Crème Brulee
1962 19 Feb Geriatric
1963 26 Feb Radio 1
1964 4 Mar
1965 11 Mar Dram
1966 18 Mar Salesman
1967 21 Mar Liberace Saturday Run No. 26
1968 25 Mar Gunpowder Plod/Serbian B B/Day/YOB Run
1969 1 Apr Stingray
1970 8 Apr Gaelle Says No
1971 15 Apr Eunuch YOB Run
1972 22 Apr QT
1973 25 Apr Penile Dementia Saturday Run No. 27
1974 29 Apr Prince of Darkness Buddha’s B/Day Eve?
1975 6 May Back To The Future
1976 13 May
1977 20 May
1978 27 May
1979 30 May Luk Sap Gow Saturday Run No. 28
1980 3 Jun Mango Groove
1981 10 Jun No Rough Stuff**
1982 17 Jun Fartypants**
1983 24 Jun Hard Up** Dragon Boat Eve
1984 1 Jul Big Brother / GB SAR Day

Old info below – ignore:

2000 18 Nov Mismanagement Special Run
20 25 Nov
20 2 Dec
20 9 Dec
20 16 Dec
20 23 Dec
20 30 Dec
Run Date Hare Location & Comments
20 6 Jan
20 13 Jan
20 20 Jan
20 27 Jan

We cannot exist without runs. Hares are our Great Indomitable Trailblazers. Become a GIT by volunteering to set a run. Just look at the available dates below and fill in the Comments Form. (This is not a prerequisite to set a run, just another way of offering to do so!)

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