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Find out where our next run is and how to get there. Information is normally posted the weekend before the run, but sometimes later, so keep checking back if you don’t see anything, or contact us.

Run 1837, 13 December, Tai Po – the Christmas Pub Run

King's Belly

Time: 7.30pm

Start: King’s Belly, Tai Po

Hares: Everybody

Trail: A to B, with A a pub and B a pub that is not A

Parking: Don’t drive!

Public transport: Tai Po East Rail MTR station, walk 5 minutes

On on: 7-Eleven


  • Bring cash, thirst and a sense of humour
  • There may be some running. But probably not
  • Leave King’s Belly at 7.30 sharp. Trail marked with chalk so easy to play catch-up
  • Save trees! Download carol lyrics to your phone: “Christmas Carols and Hymns” by Hymnary Apps from Google Play; or “Christmas Carols – the 100 most beautiful song lyrics in the world” by Joachim Bruns from the App Store

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