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Find out where our next run is and how to get there. Information is normally posted the weekend before the run, but sometimes later, so keep checking back if you don’t see anything, or contact us.


Run 1947, 20 November, Sai Kung

Open Street Map

Google Maps

Time 7.30pm

Hare Mango Groove

Start Sai Kung – info to come. Please ignore above map links until updated



Public Transport


Hare says


Christmas Party, 7 December, Hong Lok Yuen


Party time again, and we’ve got a joint Shek Kong Hash / Northern New Territories Hash shindig this year at Hong Lok Yuen on Saturday, 7 December – that’s just under four weeks away. Party theme this year is:

Come EITHER in a uniform of your choice OR as your hash name – there’l be a great prize for the best costume in both categories.
The price is $600 – cheaper than last year thanks to a generous subsidy from both hashes. What do you get for your money?
  • A really good smorgasbord of a Christmas buffet spread
  • Free flow house beer and wine from 7pm until 10pm
  • Toe-tapping, finger-clicking music c/o DJ Pants
  • “Party favors” from HLY Country Club (yes, we’re dying to know too)
  • 4 hours free covered parking (first come first served)
  • Costume prizes
  • Hash awards
  • Raffle with prizes worth winning
  • Fun fun fun till her daddy took her turban away
We’re also looking into options for extending drinking time beyond 10pm – more on that later.
What do I do now?
To guarantee a place at the party (limited to 35 people) give your hard-earned to either Hoover (SKH3 Hash Cash) or Golden Jelly (N2TH3 Hash Cash) on a Sunday afternoon or Wednesday evening or indeed whenever and wherever you may find them.

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