Run 1844, 31 January, Tai Shui Hang

Beyond the Fridge

Velcro sends them out

Velcro Lips was pissed off. She’d marked the trail at the weekend and then three days of rain had totally obliterated it. The Arctic weather didn’t help. We can’t remember a period of sustained cold like this, with the high tops below freezing point for days and the huddled masses, well, huddling. So much for global warming.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman, but let’s not go into that. Suffice to say that Valiant Velcro went out and marked the trail all over again, and even went to the effort of sussing out a different start from the windswept coast she’d initially chosen – yes, a sheltered little sitting-out area in a nearby housing estate. Of course the normal uniformed fascists came and moved us along, but not until we were good and ready. The result was we had the circle out on the road in a sort of tiny cul-de-sac formed by two walls and an electric company shed-thing. It was almost too cosy. Quite what visitor Grot Jockey (?) from Australia made of it we don’t know. He’d come to escape the heat of the Sydney January but hadn’t bargained for a blast of fridgeness, and opted not to run.

Nevertheless, 10 hardy souls set off into the biting wind that wasn’t biting inside the housing estate but bit a bit a bit later. Trail farted about in the village over the road then went up a waterworks road and along a nice dirt contour trail before heading down to the Ma On Shan conurbation, where true trail went out to the coast for a freezing long run-in along the waterfront. Most people short cut because they didn’t fancy the coast bit.

Back at the finish, Adolf was circling, so once everybody got back we all repaired to the cosy cul-de-sac, where Velcro produced a hot chilli with bread and cheese. Just the job!

Hare: Velcro Lips

Runners: Creme Brulee, Liberace, Eunuch, One Eyed Jack, Geriatric, Golden Balls, QT, Back To The Future, Golden Jelly, Serbian Bomber

Non-runner: Grot Jockey (?)