T-shirts, newsletters, booklets and sundry nonsense salvaged from the wreckage of the past

1500th Run Book

1400th Run / AGM 2009 Book

Newsletters 2009

Pinatubo Hashaway 2009

Hash Haberdashery

1974 And All That – Hughiee’s history of the Shek Kong Hash, including the origin of the Northern New Territories Hash as Shek Kong’s midweek run

To Tumbling Bill – Hughiee’s letter to hash chronicler Tumbling Bill Panton, revealing hashing activity in the New Territories in the 1960s

Poster – The Northern Needs You!

1997 AGM Bookthe second magazine in our history, produced when Loco handed over to Hughiee as GM. Mango Groove says: This was done before Photoshop and the like. Petal was in charge of the camera. She took photos of everyone, cut them out and stuck them onto A4 sized paper. Then Stingray, M&M,Petal and myself went to Stingray’s office in Tai Po and over two very long nights photocopied and put the whole lot together. I particularly enjoyed doing the match the face to the arse and Auntie Fanny sections. I think the copy on the web was a personalised copy that was done for Anne and Hughiee. One of them must have scanned it and posted.


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