Run 1685, 25 March 2015, Sheung Tsuen

The Sheung Tsuen Enigma

mystery-trail-hidden-objects-3d0748-h900Possibly one of the most bizarre runs ever. Original hare Fartypants found himself indisposed, so at short notice recruited One Hung Low to step in for him for the run at Sheung Tsuen. A post-run curry had been mooted at the new Pakistani hash house run by Nepalese just over the road from the park, and part of the bribe was that the hare would treat the stand-in hare to a curry. What actually happened is still a mystery as there was neither sight nor smell of a hare, despite there being a trail.

At One Hung Low’s last run from this venue he was still out setting trail when the run started and there was no indication of direction of trail from the start, so it was no surprise this time to find no markings as we set off. Hashers dispersed in various directions looking for the elusive trail and after a few minutes Liberace called from somewhere down Kam Sheung Road. Trail was found crossing Kam Sheung Road and winding its way through the villages below the army camp, eventually heading up through dirt tracks to the catchwater exactly at the place where Shek Kong Hash had had a run the previous Sunday.

Canny heads smelled a rat. Could we be on the Shek Kong trail? But none of the checks were marked. This was passing strange. Why have a hash where nobody marks the checks. Disgraceful. Then Liberace remembered that only one person had done the wimps run on the Sunday and, as we all know when we’re the only one doing a trail, you don’t mark the checks when you eventually solve them. Or at least, it seems, GB didn’t.

With the culprit identified the hashers got on and did their own thing, some of them taking the 500 steps down to the fields, others wandering off in some other direction. Eventually all returned to the start, where there was still no sign of a hare. We decamped over the road and had a brief circle outside the curry house while waiting for our table. And the curry was good but not hot enough for Big Moany.

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