Northern New Territories Hash House Harriers
drunks commonly seen roaming the hills of Hong Kong at night

  • What is it? A group who get together every Wednesday evening in the deepest New Territories of Hong Kong to run, jog or walk a pre-laid trail through villages, rivers, woods, shiggy and up and over the hillsides. The trail is followed by on-site refreshments, where wounds are licked, tales told and sinners punished for such crimes as running too fast, racing, falling over or short cutting. A cheap meal at a daipaidong may follow.
  • Who is it? An array of nationalities of all known genders and ages. Dogs too.
  • When is it? Every Wednesday at 7.30pm. 
  • Where is it? A different trail, a different location every week. The stamping ground covers from Castle Peak to Sha Tau Kok, From Mai Po to Sai Kung and everywhere in between.
  • How do I find out about it? Check this blog. Directions to the next run are usually posted the previous weekend.
  • What do I bring? A torch, a change of clothes, some cash and a sense of humour.
  • How do I join? You don’t. Everybody is welcome. There are no membership or registration forms, and there are no rules!!!

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  1. Anonymous 31/10/2013 / 10:23 am

    N2TH3 AGM Wed 6 November 2013, 1900hrsOutgoing RA & Hare: MangoOutgoing GM: Gunpowder Plod 9307 2041Start/Finish: Police Tactical Unit Officers' Mess, FanlingMap: Fanling MTR, Exit B, footbridge South-West to Pak Wo Road, Right/West along Pak Wo Road 300m, roundabout Exit 1 then first Right to main gate and follow chalk to Start at Officers' Mess.Parking: yes, if your car is on the listShowers etc: YesTheme: Gunpowder Plot + 1BRING your ID Card; Name and Card list at ther gate​​I think we can make do with names (inc wives, non-runners etc) and car numbers only; please call or email me asap as I need reasonably accurate numbers for the curry and booze order.There will be a special free stash give-away and Hash Cash says we have enough to cover the curry and probably most of the booze…So far I only have:Plod​ 2​LSGMangoGB​ + GJ​ StingrayOEJMoonieEunuchG-Spot + VelcroDingalingSalesmanDram​​TOTAL 15; ANY MORE PLEASE?Possibles: Lost at Sea and Spank MePlod 9307 2041

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