Run 1849, 28 February, Tai Shui Hang Rd

A Valorous RunValor Warhol

Outside Tai Shui Hang station, the promised markings to the start – at the sitting out area half a kilometer up Mui Tsz Lam Road – were indeed observed.  The only thing about the markings were they were unusually large and had the letters WH3 crossed out. Nothing to worry about though as we all knew where the start was and it wasn’t Sunday so we couldn’t be doing a WH3 run anyway.  This weeks scribe was third to arrive at the start with Eunuch and Stingray already changed and ready to go. Others followed, one by one, until our number swelled to 12, but there was something strange… no ladies. We’re not turning gay, are we?

Eventually the hare, Vibrator, arrived carrying an enormous back pack and covered in flour. After a few shouts of “are we gonna get started today or what?” the hare gave out instructions.  Key points for the pack were a rambo run of 6km, a wimp run of 3km, it will take an hour if you’re good at going uphill, there’s a number of check backs, and make sure you have a torch.

So off we went, running a short stretch down Mui Tsz Lam Road, with One Eyed Jack and Liberace solving the first check that went left just after a little bridge.  A check or two later had us all clambering up a slope with Eunuch, Mango and One Eyed Jack short cutting.  As the trail wound its way around the slope we began to have a sense of what was coming… a pretty long hill climb.  So up we went with Gaelle Says No, Liberace, Crème Brulee and Eunuch going at pace up the hill. As we climbed for about 15 minutes a rambo / wimp split was sighted, an option that QT found too tempting to neglect.  More climbing, hearts pounding out of chests, one crest after another until… a check back.  Well only the FRBs got to the check back as the rest of us were so far behind; they marked the correct trail off to the right, but Dingaling decided that this was a trick and had to go all the way up the hill just to find out for himself.

Once the check back was solved some nice flattish trail had us running onto a three-way check that went up slightly before a long descent.  As we ran down, great care had to be taken due to the “ankle twisting terrain.” Eunuch led the way all the way to the final check back before clambering over the railings for a very short run home. The run was just over an hour for the FRB’s with others arriving within the next 30 minutes. The hare did admit that he recycled his recent WH3 run but nobody gave a toss as there was plenty of beer to drink.

As we waited for the circle to start indeed much beer was consumed, including some called “Valor” that Eunuch got at a North Point Wellcome store for $30 a case. Geriatric had brought along a bottle of wine and Plod continued his email spamdemic about plastic cups.  The circle was a lively affair with the GM and GM2 dishing out down downs for all manner of crimes. As usual the circle descended into chaos and was eventually closed. All that is left to be written is this was an excellent first N2TH3 hared run by Vibrator… hope to see him again in eight months time. – Mango Groove

Hare: Vibrator

Runners: Stingray, Eunuch, Mango Groove, Dingaling, Gunpowder Plod, One Eyed Jack, Gaelle Says No, QT, Bunter, Geriatric, Crème Brulee, Liberace



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