Run 1682, 11 March 2015, Kau Lung Hang


Ruth misdirecting hashers amidst the alien corn

It was a cold and wet Wednesday night. We all gathered at Eunich’s house and the run started late as usual. Before the start, Liberace announced the run would be flat, no shiggy and should be no more than 45 minutes. At which point, Luk Dim Boon wondered why we should be bothered and just get started on the beer.But since it was Liberace’s and Eunich’s birthday run [and T-Bird’s – ed.], we all shut up and went with it.

First a right, passing through a bunch of village houses in Kau Lung Hang, the pack led by Mango Groove, Catch Of The Day and her new girlfriend Erdoyhai. Out to open farmland, a few checks to keep the pack together, through some dense shiggy. Then the latecomer One Eye Jack, being “brave and smart”, went up a dark shiggy-covered hill, turned right and disappeared from the crowd. Velcro Lips and Dram disappeared too but at the opposite end.

Coming down the hill, was a two-way check. Ruth, Eunich’s daughter, tricked everyone into going the wrong way. Definitely, hash quality!!

On on at Eunich’s house to celebrate the birthdays with generous top-quality food and plenty of cold beers.

– Luk Dim Boon

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