Run 1726, 16 December 2015, Christmas Pub Run, Tai Po

Crawling To A Record


This year was the first time for the pub “run” to be organised by the Chinese on the committee, and we set a new record. We met at 7pm at the King’s Belly as usual. Catch Of The Day and I met earlier at 6pm to prepare some games for the run. Eunuch, Big Moany and Victim all arrived in good time, followed by Penile Dementia, Vibrator, G-Spot, Mango Groove, Velcro Lips, One Eyed Jack, Golden Balls, Stingray, Chemical Ali, VD,  Hard Up, and Free Chickens, with Walky Talky and Anti Septic joining at the second pub.

l know we created a great record last year by doing more than 24 pubs. As l knew we couldn’t break that record this year, l preferred to go for another record. We set a new record by only doing seven pubs.

The GM set the first trial to the 133 on Kwong Fuk Road, then handed over to Velcro Lips to set the second leg. We chased her trail to the backstreets on the other side of Kwong Fuk Road, lost trail and couldn’t find any markings for about 20 minutes. Finally someone called Velcro and we tracked her down to a pub near the river far from Kwong Fuk Road. I can’t remember the name of this pub. Here, COTD held a game in which the GM asked some questions. Whoever knew the answer had to put their hand up immediately. If they answered right the one on his right had to drink a beer. If they answered wrong the one on his left had to drink. Almost everyone needed to down a beer in this game.

Then Big Moaney took over to the third pub, the Bobby London.
We had a lucky draw for Xmas gifts and GB took the mike to sing a song.

RA Penile Dementia set the trail to the fourth pub, whose name I don’t remember. Mango took over for the fifth bar. I don’t remember the name of this one either. Eunuch set trail to the sixth, a few steps away. The name of this pub is unknown to me.

The last hare was COTD. She led us back to the King’s Belly. We had a great drink there and the record-breaking pub run was completed. – Liberace

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