Run 1698, 17 June 2015, Siu Lek Yuen

The No Octopus Run

Serbian Bomber was determined his run from Siu Lek Yuen wouldn’t be an utter shambles, so he prepared laminated instructions and warnings, which he then placed around the trail. He also gave a comprehensive briefing, which nobody listened to. “The hash has begun…” he mailed to the group in real time. “The silly sods ignored the hare’s instructions to carry an Octopus…so now they can’t take the wimps option and they’re all stuck with the rambos 10km run.

“This is gonna be interesting,” he concluded.

The smallish pack set off on pleasant paths and boulder trails that wind behind Turret Hill and A Kung Kok Shan to Mui Tsz Lam Road. At the bottom of Mui Tsz Lam Road was the supposed wimp/rambo “split”, with wimps supposed to take the MTR to (near) the finish. The rambo route home was back along the road towards Tate’s Cairn Tunnel, but was far from obvious. At one point Eunuch and Catch Of The Day found themselves dodging cars on a highway.

A long, hot run crowned with pizza!


One thought on “Run 1698, 17 June 2015, Siu Lek Yuen

  1. SSBBDvM 06/07/2015 / 12:02 pm

    There was pizza? Nobody told me!

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