Run 1591

Run 1591

Bogbrush’s trail has been wiped out by torrential rain…trails have turned into rivers…he doesn’t feel up to laying it again or live-haring…ABORT TAI PO KAU…repeat ABORT TAI PO KAU.

GM has been notified.


King’s Belly at 7.30 for an impromptu/tag hash.

July 17, 2013
Tai Po Kau Forest King’sBelly
Hare: Bogbrush

Bogbrush Speaks!

In addition to reels, you’ll be dancing a jig when by a stupendous leap of
imagination, I have designated TAI PO KAU as the venue for the N2TH3
run. The main advantages of this venue are as follows:
    –     easily accessible 
    –    wet weather venue 
    –    mix and match – create your own run
    –    easily shortcuttable for OEJ
    –    possible shiggy element – wait and see. 
    –    solid pagoda for sheltering
    –    mainly off road for concretists like Plod et al.
    –    stream available for aqua enthusiasts
    –    contains trees even more ancient than the pack
 In short, it is the complete Hash experience and it is right on your doorstep.
On On

Sorry, no run report this week.

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